>Lubricious men, frogs and loons

>(this is a poem created from the words in the wordle bank from this week’s RWP prompt #114 “get your poem on” and they were some difficult words to work with, but I still enjoyed the challenge. Thanks Deb!)

Lying in the dark listening to nothing

Except the patter of the little girl’s footsteps who lives next door

The muttered voices of happiness from her parents

“You’re such a beautiful little girl” (you say to yourself)

When you realize you are freezing

And look for your blanket

But you can’t find it in the darkness

Sit up and turn on the light

Damn it is much too cold in here

You look at the window and see it has frosted from the cold

Since you have returned you feel as if you walk on eggshells

With the people closest to you

You always seem to panic when you meet someone new

There was that lubricious boyfriend you left two years ago

Who is only looking for one thing to keep his prick wet and warm

Some realtionships just wither and decay

It is not your problem anymore

Get up and walk to the end of the bed and open your footlocker

You brought that back with you

From that far away land

The security at the airport wanted to cut it open with a hacksaw

But you said “No” and they listened

You find a book of fiction and place it on your lap

It contains short stories of pirates and legends out on the sea

You contemplate dying your hair red tomorrow

Auburn red is a beautiful and sexy colour

Something to attract a good man

As you look up you see a crucifix

The only thing hanging on your wall

As you admire this man with a crown of thorns and nails in his hands and feet

How he must have suffered for what he believed in

What a sorrowful story as you remember it

You decide to try and go back to sleep

Tomorrow you will start the book

As the pitter pat of the little feet send you back to dream land

So you can be safe with dreams of frogs and fairy princesses

Or maybe of loons that look like plump geese with seagull wings

flying high above the land looking for clear lakes to live

Anything that takes you away

From this world that is so full of anguish and pain


28 responses to “>Lubricious men, frogs and loons

  1. >It is good to escape. Excellently done.

  2. >Are you contemplating red hair or is this simply the narrator of your poem. Enjoyed the night time journey – reminds me I need sleep!

  3. >I like the insomniac's variety of thoughts – well done!

  4. >Anthony as always it is an honor to hear from you. I am glad you liked it.

  5. >Julie no I am not going to dye my hair red. I did that about 20 years ago, had it done professionally, cost me loads of money and my natural blonde hair starting coming back in about two weeks. It is my narrator and I am happy you enjoyed it. Now get some sleep.

  6. >Zuoxzoux I am glad you liked the insomniac's variety of thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. >enjoyed it, took me right into the room and felt the story unfold…

  8. >The solitary man on the wall reminded me, as he did you, to remain committed. Nice touch in this very busy night. After all, it's hard enough just to bend down to the foot of the bed to pull up the covers when you're cold. Love the energy here.

  9. >motherveg thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  10. >Allan as always I appreciate your comments. I am glad you loved it.

  11. >Loved the last 4 lines (the rest of the poem was good, too,) but it took everything & put it together.After I posted the poem I went back to bed & back to sleep. But there were still a bunch of poems ahead of mine!

  12. >I like this. I've had uneasy (and sleepless nights) like what you describe in this piece. In this whole piece I see juxtapositions between the man on the cross and the salacious boyfriend, her impending fairytale dreams and the much colder reality. Good work this week.

  13. >MarianV,Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  14. >Nicole thanks so much for your kind comments. I love your work and it is a real honor for me to have you like my work.Pamela

  15. >Midnight's hardly late for me, so posting early's easy. I can also identify with you character's range of distraction. Especially the begin the book tomorrow idea.

  16. >Woe and alas! For I too am distracted and feelingly feel the pangs.

  17. >Well Barbara midnight is very late for me since my first class starts at 7 a.m. But I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting. ThanksPamela

  18. >Thanks Percy for stopping by.Pamela

  19. >You capture the tormented back and forth of sleepless nights (I know them well) with compelling images. I particularly like this line: "You contemplate dying your hair red tomorrow." I love that frogs also make an appearance in your poem.

  20. >Elizabeth,Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by. I have also been knwon to suffer from insomnia. How I hate that. Pamela

  21. >Some of us live in a different hemisphere.I am living in your future.. I will always be tomorrow for you(could be a poem)Love your thought processes especiallytrying to get a footlocker through customs..made me laugh…I know you have done something like this…I have!Enjoyed this.By the way if you want to attract a goodman (or any man) go for blonde!:))

  22. >Rallentaanda,Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And I have done something like that at the customs counter before, lol. I am glad you enjoyed it. I really appreciate your comments. And by the way I am a blondie;)Well now I do have some grey hair. I went red about 20 years ago, but my natural blonde came back in about two weeks. Pamela

  23. >I love this…the details of so many things…things…how the night can seem to go on forever…would love to run into one of your loons, such dreams to take us away

  24. >Ofheart,Thanks for commenting. I am so glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  25. >Sometimes an escape is the only thing left – after dying one's hair, of course. Love this piece!

  26. >nicely done Pam….footlocker through customs about as easy as extra Havana rum through the customs…cheers

  27. >Susan,Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you loved it.Pamela

  28. >Wayne,Thanks for commenting. Those people in customs can be very special indeed. What's wrong with extra Havana rum???? Cheers to you.Pamela

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