>RWP’s prompt #115: things we believe in and things we don’t


Laws of the universe

A feeling in your heart, a purpose for being here

See cycles of change, seasons develop one into another

Death of a loved one, a dove visits once a year

Souls do exist

A newborn baby’s first cry, a mother weeps with joy

Children playing and laughing-happiness

Wag of a dog’s tail, purr of a cat

Purposes and reasons

Love and friendship

Someone you meet, you know them

Soulmates, kindred spirits

Will we find each other on our journey?

Communication and creativity

Connect with the universe- believe

Rid ourselves of:








Wars-don’t believe


22 responses to “>Reasons

  1. >Yes yes yes to your lists. I like the Flaubert quote.

  2. >Irene,Thanks so much! If only those lists could come true. It starts with us. I too love Flaubert!Pamela

  3. >I really like the line "death of a loved one, a dove visits once a year".

  4. >Barbara,Thanks, my sister tells me that a dove visits her ever since our mom's death and she says it is our mom. And I believe! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  5. >Simple…Love, friendships and basically just being decent human beings! Love how to the point the non-belief list is, it doesn't deserve more 🙂 Enjoyed!

  6. >Liked the positive list.The bad news is that the negative list has and will always be with us.I believe it is called human nature.In the bible they blame Eve for it…In Greek mythology they blame Pandora…I say it's a mysogynist fantasy!

  7. >Lori, Thanks for the comment.If we could only be the good list. Imagine! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  8. >Rall, As always I enjoy you stopping by and reading what you have to say. I don't read the bible and never have owned one.I know excerpts from the big book though and know enough about religions to not want to make me join up. I don't believe in organized religion. It is always the woman's fault. Too bad the positive can't be the way it is.Pamela

  9. >good one Pam…nicely done…I do not believe you are an early bird though…well who am I to say..you are an early bird…thanks again for sharing your words

  10. >Wayne, Thanks for the comment and I was saying for me I was early because I have been late the last few times with the prompt due to my work schedule. I appreciate you stopping by. Tomorrow I will get round to everyone also.Pamela

  11. >Pamela, thanks for sharing your lists. I enjoyed reading them. Particularly this from the belief side:"Will we find each other on our journey?"We do meet or "meet" people as we make our journeys, don't we? How sad it would be for us if we didn't.Thanks!

  12. >Paul,Thanks for commenting. In fact that one brings tears to my eyes. How sad it would be if we didn't. I in my life thus far have meet some wonderful people. And there are those few I have felt a special connection with. Having made my journey so far a delight. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  13. >Wonderfully warm and inspirational list of beliefs. The nots are strong. Wish they could be converted to the oh, yes list.

  14. >Susan,Thanks so much for your kind words. I too wish the same but I don't think we will ever see that unfortunately. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  15. >I appreciate the simple direct honesty of your "list" Pamela. I think you've stated the choice we get to make – in every moment, and where do we put our attention-care. Envision as you wish, and that's your part I think. I'll certainly take your hand too in this regard.Thanks Pamela. (And actually, honestly, you make me feel more at ease about my own posting, although I'll leave the explanation aside.)

  16. >Neil,First of all thanks for commenting. Yes I do believe these things in the good list and I am not so blind to think that there will not always be the things in the bad list. As most people think it is human nature. But to be negative is something I am not easily available to. I see the good and am smart enough to understand and stay away from the bad. Not to say that I haven't seen my fair share of evil or wickedness. I have not completely understood it at times and other times yes. But none the less I certainly appreciate you stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  17. >I too want to shout "Yes" to your yes lists!

  18. >Erin,Thanks for stopping by and cmmenting. I wish we lived only the "yes" list myself.Pamela

  19. >I like the way you connect spirituality and the laws of the universe and take it all the way down to simple things like a dog's tail wagging. Very nice.

  20. >James,Thanks so much for commenting. It is the simple things in life that are sometimes overlooked. I believe. I am glad you liked it.Pamela

  21. >I like how your list starts out with obeying the laws of the universe and ends with ridding ourselves of war and abuse. that would be just wonderful! ~angie

  22. >Angie,Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you like it. It would be wonderful wouldn't it?Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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