>It’s always about you (RWP #118 digging)


As I fumble through the mess of magenta scarves

I find a picture of my favourite strumpet

She was a Middle English girl

With fine and flowing long blonde hair

She was nonpareil

Her custom of singing while fornicating was so delightful

With eyes the color of turquoise like a mist before me

I stand before the mirror naked and watch her dancing

In the shadows

Fine ferns silhouette her lithe frame

She can be furtive at times

But oh my love for her is undying

I go and cup her breasts, oh how pleasant

Soon we’ll leave on the motor-coach


38 responses to “>It’s always about you (RWP #118 digging)

  1. >enchanting…love her singing habit as well! Always such a pleasure stopping by Pamela!

  2. >well written, racy fun

  3. >Sensual and fun. Great words.

  4. >nicely done! enjoyed it very much…

  5. >Yes, a very sensual poem. Such a delight to read it, Pamela.

  6. >Oh I like this a sensual whimsical tryst!Did I tell you my son is studying to teach in Mexico, I think I did…I got him to start a blog, but now to get him to write, lol, that is a lesson learned!his blog is http://aaronselviaje.blogspot.com/

  7. >Nice! So many of us found that collection of words sexy! Nice break from the serious.

  8. >Fun. The motor coach does throw a monkey wrench into any attempt at the serious

  9. >Lori,It's a pleasure for me that you take the time to stop by. Thanks so much!Pamela

  10. >Matt,I am so glad you thought it "racy". Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  11. >Anthony,Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks!Pamela

  12. >Lovely and idiosyncratic… also, I think you're the only person I've seen thus far to use "nonpareil" to mean "without peer" instead of candy. Unless that was a double entendre in the poem. 😉

  13. >Motherveg,I am so happy you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  14. >Uma,Thanks so much! I am glad you liked it! ;)Pamela

  15. >Elizabeth,I am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by. Didn't you ever receive my email? I will contact your son.Pamela

  16. >MarianV,Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Those words did create a sexy scene for me.Pamela

  17. >Barbara,Thanks and you are right not muchseriousness going on here. Appreciate you stopping by.Pamela

  18. >Oh my, once I catch my breath……robImage & Verse

  19. >Joseph,Thanks for the compliment! And yes "nonpareil" in this is to mean without peer. Cuz with my girl there is no equal, lolPamela

  20. >Rob,Thanks a lot! I do hope you catch your breath, lolPamela

  21. >"Her custom of singing while fornicating was so delightful" is quite the vivid & fun-loving picture. I enjoyed this poem very much~!

  22. >Zouxzoux,Thanks so much for the compliment! And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  23. >The fires lit up inside me when I read this. I'd love to be looking into those turquoise eyes. This is delightful.-Nicole

  24. >The last line was the clincher.Singing whilstf…ing must be a Mexican thing.Never heard of that one!

  25. >Nicole,As always I love you stopping by and receiving your comments and compliments. I am so glad the fires lit up! Pamela

  26. >Rall,Thank you and the last line was intended as a surprise. Now as far as the f…ing being a Mexican thing, could be if the music is just right.Cheers,Pamela

  27. >Gautami,I am so glad you loved it! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  28. >I love the playfulness of this. It has a touch of magical realism.

  29. >Karen,I am so happy you love it! Thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  30. >Pamela:What a delightful poem! Just a pleasure to read. Singing while fornicating is quite the image.Shari

  31. >Shari,Thank you so much! I loved doing this prompt. And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  32. >A colorful picture – delightful read!

  33. >Susan,Thanks so much! I really enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  34. >Pamela, nice going with your venturesomeness. You should re-submit for this week's prompt!Best,Allan

  35. >Allan,Thank you for the compliment. Thank you for stopping by.Pamela

  36. >Singing huh? I'd always be wondering if her mind was on the fornicating or the motor-coach!

  37. >Derrick,Well with a girl like that, one would never know for sure, lol. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

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