>Little Honey Napowrimo #1

>She was the little honey

And every man’s delight even a lady or two

Pretty girl with eyes as green as emeralds

She lived in Electric Ladyland

Where the landscape was filled with tulips

every colour, multihued

She was the little honey

And spoke only tales of mystery and imagination

A voice just like the songs heard

only in your heart

liquid mercury floating in the air

He came to her and told her things

Like the revolution starts now

He took her hand in his

He led her to the Purple rain

Oh the little honey say bye bye

*Process notes: I ended up with quite the eclectic assortment here.

Electric ladyland -Jimi Hendrix

The revolution starts now – Steve Earle

Purple rain – Prince

Little honey – Lucinda Williams

Tales of mystery and imagination – Alan Parson’s Project


22 responses to “>Little Honey Napowrimo #1

  1. >Hi PamelaThe prompt makes for a surreal starting point doesn't it. All the best for April.CheersJanet

  2. >Janet,Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to make my way round to everybody and read. Poem on!Pamela

  3. >Pamela, this pooem has a good feel, beautiful the way it is put together.

  4. >Love it that you used repetition, I tried that too, never been my strong suit, but i love the way your piece moves and the surrealistic imagery feels so right. GJ!

  5. >Love this poem Pam!

  6. >You did have an eclectic mix, and you embraced it, adding your own surreal images like the liquid mercury floating in the air.

  7. >Great poem, but now Purple Rain is stuck in my head… I guess that's not such a bad thing. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the month!

  8. >Creative use of the prompt.

  9. >well done Pam only 29 left….yikes!

  10. >Uma,Thanks so much for the nice comment. I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  11. >Geisha,I tried to leave a comment on your poem but couldn't. You did a fantastic job yourself.Pamela

  12. >Rall,Thanks so much! Loved yours as well, made me laugh and how I love that!Pamela

  13. >Katr,Thaks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  14. >Jessica,It is a great song! You gotta love Prince! I am looking forward to what you write also.Pamela

  15. >Linda,Thanks so much for the compliment.Pamela

  16. >Wayne,I loved yours for sure! And yes only 29 to go, yay!Pamela

  17. >Purple rain, huh? Cool. Repeating the honey line kept the poem together, if that makes sense.

  18. >Evelyn,Thanks for the comment. And yes it does make sense.Pamela

  19. >Pamela -this poem had the effect of causing me to see vivid art like old vinyl album covers – so much talent on your iPod. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more from you. JDM

  20. >Hi Pamela, thanks for checking out my poems. Nice job on this–thought you did a good job of subtly working in the song titles. btw, Flaubert is adorable(;

  21. >JDM,I just saw your comment! Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by.Pamela

  22. >Sable,Thanks for the nice compliment. Yes, he is a sweety! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

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