>It really isn’t an anomaly Napowrimo #2

>An anomaly that it was
                                              warmed up

beyond belief
                                              hot bodies writhing, grasping

looking for respite from the sweltering heat

even in China and New Zealand

                                               everyone felt it

bodies looking for reprieve

What follows next?

                                               only wondered by many

then came the little ice age

no longer bodies squirming from the heat
                                               but looking for the warmth

                                               from within

oh look at the shit we have gotten ourselves into

*process notes for this:The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) or Medieval Climate Optimum was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region, that may also have been related to other climate events around the world during that time, including in China [1] New Zealand [2] and other countries [3] [4][5] [6] [7][8] lasting from about AD 950–1250.[9] It was followed by a cooler period in the North Atlantic termed the Little Ice Age. Some refer to the event as the Medieval Climatic Anomaly as this term emphasizes that effects other than temperature were important.[10][11] Roman warm period.


30 responses to “>It really isn’t an anomaly Napowrimo #2

  1. >Weather can be such a bitch, you know what I mean……robImage & Verse

  2. >oh, love it!and I learned something, too. nice job!

  3. >Nice work. I especially like the way this is laid out and its genesis from the process notes.

  4. >Hi Pamela,As I read your poem, I was wondering which definition you had chosen. Roman Warm Period; and here was I thinking of sunny holidays in Italy! Clever poem and message.

  5. >Phew, you certainly got your head round this one!Nicely!!

  6. >Rob,That's the truth! Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  7. >Angie,I am glad you love it! And I am happy you learnt something.Pamela

  8. >Emile,Thanks for the nice comment.thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  9. >Derrick,Thanks for the nice comment! It is always a pleasure to hear from you.Pamela

  10. >Andy,Thank you so much for the nice comment.Pamela

  11. >Awesome read. I love the last line coming after those images from the past; it predicts a bleak future. I had no idea that this was what Roman Warm Period referred to. Thanks for the notes at the end. Very interesting.

  12. >Wow. Fanning myself off while reading this!

  13. >James,Thanks! Our future does look bleak with global warming doesn't it? I got the info from wiki. Sometimes a great source. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  14. >Matt,I hope I didn't turn up the heat too much for you, lol! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  15. >Neat poem, Pam. You really aced this prompt … and I love your blog!

  16. >Marianne,You are so sweet! Thanks for the compliment and stopping by.Pamela

  17. >it is a scary topicwe seem to know very little about what we are doingand to do a lot of it anywayall the bestj

  18. >So clever. The last line caps it perfectly!

  19. >Lucychili,Thanks for the comment! And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  20. >Erin.Thank you so much! And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  21. >This worked really well without the explanation, but the background added a layer of richness.

  22. >good read Pam….love the changing seasons and weather….but what us humans are doing…well…not good….Robert Earl….ya great songwriter

  23. >Interesting poem, Pamela, can feel the heat…

  24. >Very cool thought process behind your writing! I absolutely love how you ended it too 🙂 Kudos.

  25. >Great poem, Pamela! I love the imagery and how the shape adds so much to it.Shari

  26. >Francis,Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  27. >Wayne,Thanks so much!Yeah! Robert Earl Keene love his stuff!Pamela

  28. >Uma,Thanks! Always such a pleasure to hear from you.Pamela

  29. >Ale,Thank you for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  30. >Shari,Always nice to hear from you! Thanks!Pamela

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