>people vs spiders and snakes napowrimo #3

>spiders don’t scare me

neither do snakes

let’s talk about people

terrifying oh yes

scariest thing to walk or crawl this earth

ouch! People

some with hearts of gold, others

with hearts of stone

Are you scared yet?

I am always terrified

what will they say next (never mind what will they do)

holy wars


raping and killing children

torturing small animals

Hey! those are the things that people do

Are you scared yet?


24 responses to “>people vs spiders and snakes napowrimo #3

  1. >So true… and scary. I guess now I have an addition to the list of things I am afraid of.

  2. >Jessica,Thanks for commenting. Yeah people one of my biggest fears.Pamela

  3. >It's amazing how terrifying (and yet, at their best, inspiring!) people can be– amazing how so many contradictions exist within a single species, huh?

  4. >who knew that we could be so destructive when in our hearts i am sure if asked we would say who me never…. in posse

  5. >Much as spiders scare me, I'll have to agree. Spiders, at least, are simple; people are all the more frightening because they're complicated.

  6. >lots to be scared of …..nice one Pam

  7. >Yep,I'm in with the little green horned men!

  8. >I love the ease with which you write poems, Pamela. Enjoyed this poem so much ….

  9. >And most of them don't look like monsters.

  10. >Yes. There are some "scaries" out there. Sometimes they are people we thought we knew! Great! Thanks, Pamela!

  11. >Wow, this is so true. I liked how you presented this, too.

  12. >AJV,Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  13. >Pieceofpie,We certainly are the distructive ones. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  14. >Joseph,Thanks for commenting. We are frightening.Pamela

  15. >Wayne,Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks.Pamela

  16. >Rall,Now I know that is not true. Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  17. >Uma,What a nice compliment! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  18. >rlavalette,That is the most terrifying part. Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  19. >Only footprints,Thank you so much! And that is the truth.Pamela

  20. >Richelle,Thank you for the comment.Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  21. >Just like with so many Twilight Zone episodes, we are the monsters we're running from. Nicely done and very true.

  22. >Love the 'Are you scared yet?' repetition!!

  23. >James,Thanks so much! Yeah we are the monsters aren't we. Pamela

  24. >Andy,Thanks for saying so. And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

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