>lovers napowrimo #5

>the smell of you upon my skin


whirling through my senses

of infinity

round and round

scents of you, pleasurable

hold me fixed, caress my skin

you touch my hair
kiss my lips
gaze into my eyes
infinity exists
trace my finger on your skin
the shape of the neverending
with no beginning, no end
sign of infinity
what happens next?
wait for a sign
till the morning comes
infinity finally leaves me

34 responses to “>lovers napowrimo #5

  1. >Wait for a sign, indeed. Nice work!

  2. >how beautiful!wonderful work, Pamela!

  3. >hey hey Pam…nice one again…personal for sure…thanks for sharing..couple of our friends just got back from Mexico…as we sait to go back to Cuba in Oct…take care

  4. >this has a stream of consciousness feeling to it, i like it. and i like the repetition of "infinity." very intriguing ideas here.

  5. >I like the idea that you can trace your fingers around a person's skin forever. A lovely form of infinity.

  6. >Infinity! phew, now you're talking!!

  7. >Yeah, I've experienced that kind of 'infinity', It was lovely while it lasted!

  8. >Dan,Thanks so much! I enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  9. >Angie,You are too kind! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  10. >Wayne,My friend thanks! I thought yours was so funny. I enjoyed it! Where did your friends go in Mexico? Cuba cool!Pamela

  11. >Richelle,Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  12. >Veronica,Thank you and thank you for commenting.Pamela

  13. >James,It is very sensual! You should try it sometime. Thanks for commenting and visiting.Pamela

  14. >Andy,You got that right, phew! Thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  15. >Eryl,I am still experiencing it. 14 years and counting, I am a lucky lady! Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  16. >Another lovely romantic poem…have you considered o putting together a chapbook with a love theme?

  17. >I like the way you have used "infinity" through-out your poem. Your words flow effortlessly from one stanza to the next …

  18. >Kristen,Thanks so much! I always enjoy your comments on my work. I really enjoyed yours as well. I would love to put a chapbook together but wouldn't know where to start.Any pointers?Pamela

  19. >Marianne,Thank you so much! That is such a nice compliment!Pamela

  20. >Nice image of infinity, and the picture fits it perfectly too.

  21. >Sheila,Thank you for the kind words. The pic is lovely isn't it?Pamela

  22. >I am always impressed when someone can manage to write a love poem without descending into the serious cringe and heave department.Good one Pam.

  23. >Rall,I too hate the cringe and heave department. Who wants to spend their time wading through sap. Thanks so much for your kind words.Pamela

  24. >So sensual! I like it!

  25. >Pamela:This is beautiful! It gave me the sense of floating in something ethereal and lovely. So sensual! is exactly what came to my mind, too. Very nice!Shari

  26. >Poetry as a lover. I can relate. Nice interpretation of the prompt. Thanks for leaving your link on my site. I enjoyed reading through your recent posts. Be back soon.

  27. >I'm with Sheila and Marianne… the use of "infinity" repeatedly made for a delightful touchstone…I am behind on my comments too, so much to do with my travels last week…

  28. >Jenna,Thanks so much for the nice comment.Pamela

  29. >Shari,Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks so much!Pamela

  30. >Erin,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  31. >Julie,Thanks for the lovely comment. And thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  32. >How tender and affectionate! Lovely! I particularly like the last stanza, with the who knows what will happen element!

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