>a visit napowrimo #7


you show up at my door with a 2L bottle of chlorophyll water

tell me it’s good for my health while smoking organic cigarettes

then on our first official date you ask

want to visit Elva B. Shoecraft

she lives in the cemetery by my house

Process notes: I met Michael (my partner now for 14 years) through a mutual friend. I was totally mesmerized from the second I saw and spoke to him. He is brilliant, handsome and a bit eccentric. I was however a little concerned about the cemetery thing. Until I saw the cemetery it was small and quaint and very old. He taught me about how last names long ago were associated with the family or the person’s occupation. Well I thought it was interesting. 😉


16 responses to “>a visit napowrimo #7

  1. >eccentric is GOOD…and a cemetery is a great place to day dream…and write poetry….and drink good wine…..all done with TASTE….nice tanka also

  2. >Hope you didn't go out with that guy!

  3. >Nothing like an impromptu and highly unusual date, go girl! ;-)Thanks for getting in the experience as tanka too. AlanWith Words.

  4. >cemetarys are heavenly ya know no matter what the hour… so happy you found a lasting love… erotic engine

  5. >Cemetery is an interesting date, by the person's house is a little strange. The Tanka experience is a new thing for me, so it was really great to be exposed to this style. Nice work! -Weasel

  6. >Very original! I like the tanka and the story!

  7. >Wow, now that's a first date!

  8. >That's making a good first impression :).

  9. >Pamela, I love this. Makes me smile 🙂

  10. >Pamela, Now that's a memorable first date invite! Nice job, as always.Shari

  11. >Nice work,original and beautiful :)Marinela x

  12. >Marinela,Thanks so much for the nice comment!Pamela

  13. >Really love this, Pamela. I'm a big fan of eccentricity!

  14. >Wayne: Yes, I agree. Thanks!Rall: He is my present partnerAlan: Thank you so much!Pieceofpie: Thank youWeasel: Thanks!Robin: Thanks!Dan: Sure is. Isn't it.Francis: no,kidding!Uma:ThanksShari:ThanksJason:Me,too! ThanksHey everybody this is not my usual style of commenting but I am so tired.

  15. >that's a great first date story! and a great idea to write about!

  16. >Carolee,Thanks so much! And it is all true.Pamela

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