>my brother napowrimo #8

>my big brother

you tried to teach me how to be a grown up

when i much preferred being a pain in the ass

your spoiled baby sister

what patience you have shown in your life

taught me how to golf, play chess

never very good at the latter

an exceptional artist, drawing and painting with ease

capturing the beauty that surrounds us

you never liked to raise your voice, so logical, how calm you were

you spoke to me of the endless possibilities of the universe

loving and kind, steadfast in your approach

you always said “In this life nothing is free; you must work for what you want”

words i have carried with me

i will miss your voice

you telling me that you love me

my big brother Bill you will be truly missed

*notes: I wrote this in lieu of the horrible news I just received.
My oldest brother is finally losing his 10 year battle with cancer.
And I am just heartbroken. He is a wonderful man.


32 responses to “>my brother napowrimo #8

  1. >Sorry about your sad news. A kind tribute to him.

  2. >I am so sorry for your news. I have a big brother, too, who spoiled me. I hope you share your beautiful poem with your brother or with the others who love him. What a fitting tribute.

  3. >I am terribly sorry Pam. You have a lot of poet friends on RWP whom I know will share your sadness.

  4. >Matt,Thanks so much for your thoughtful kind words.Pamela

  5. >only footprints,Thank you for the kind words. He has always my rock of stability. I will share this with and my family.Pamela

  6. >Rall,I truly appreciate your kind words. I am so damn sad. I feel like my heart is being ripped out.Pamela

  7. >So sorry for you and your family. Prayers and good thoughts headed your way!

  8. >from Therese — Oh, Pamela! What tragic news for you to process today. I am so sorry. From your poem, I can tell how close the two of you have been. I will keep you in my thoughts in the days to come. Losing a beloved sibling must be so hard.

  9. >Such sad news, Pamela, but eventually you will get great comfort from the wealth of happy memories that you have shared.

  10. >nice poem and tribute to big brother…I was that big borther to my sister…..anyways..keep the memories…never can take those away..cheers Pam

  11. >Those first 2 lines are so wonderful.I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

  12. >Dan,I sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thank you.Pamela

  13. >Therese,Thank you. I sent you an email.Pamela

  14. >Derrick,Yes the memories are the best things I have to hold on to.Pamela

  15. >Wayne,You are so kind. Thank you.Pamela

  16. >James,Thank you so much. Yeah it is difficult.Pamela

  17. >My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother today. This is a great tribute to him.

  18. >I am sorry for your loss, and good thoughts are coming your way. This is a wonderful tribute!

  19. >Sorry to hear your news, so glad that you have the power to communicate in these uncertain times.

  20. >Francis,You are so kind. ThanksPamela

  21. >Weasel,Thanks so much! How kind.Pamela

  22. >Andy,Thank you so much. I have to write especially at times like these.Pamela

  23. >I'm sorry to hear that. My mom is battling lymphoma. My prayers are with you. Stay strong. This is a wonderful poem for him.

  24. >Richelle,You are thoughtful and kind. I wish your mom the best. My best wishes are with you. you stay strong, tooPamela

  25. >I am sorry about this Pamela. 'Death ends life, never relationships.' Take care.

  26. >Uma,Thanks for your kind words.Pamela

  27. >Please send him a big hug from the poetsWho think he is a groover and a lovely brother

  28. >Lucychili,That is such a wonderful thing to tell me! He is wonderful and I will certainly do that.Pamela

  29. >Pamela:I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. My prayers are with you and your brother and family as you find the courage to walk through this painful time. Your tribute is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it.Best regards,Shari

  30. >Shari,You are so kind. Yes it is so difficult. Thank you so much.Pamela

  31. >Your poem is beautiful and heartrending. Cherish this time you still have left with him.

  32. >Cara,Thanks and I will cherish the time we left.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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