>the celebration napowrimo #10

>There you sit drunk out of your mind

talk to me of California

As if I should know that place

Just because I am a gringa

Hey don’t bother me and go back to your wife

She is looking at me like I am a threat

And believe me buddy I am not

Did you say I’m going out to give myself to death?

Then I look round the party and see a mother and father

Dancing together with their little baby cradled between them

as the mariachi comes out to play “las manitas”

The celebration of the birth of you

Such love can you be cruel and condescending of course you can


46 responses to “>the celebration napowrimo #10

  1. >I love this celebration of yours.

  2. >iself,Thanks so much!Me too!Pamela

  3. >One at every party – more as the night progesses. Good post!

  4. >Thanks Stan!Pamela

  5. >Oooooh I want to to go to Mexico to dance with the mariaci band to 'las manitas'.Is Mexico ready for me? Can an ole gringakick up her heels and go wild there?

  6. >you are always welcome my gringa friend!Pamela

  7. >Nice juxtaposition, and told with economy. Regards, Doug

  8. >It sounds like you talking Pamela. The words are so vivid & how the celebration that comes at the end becomes joyful. Wow to life poem.

  9. >Dancing with baby between them is a beautiful image. Nothing to do with your poem, but drunk out of my mind is sounding pretty good at the moment.

  10. >I read the words & feel the night. Very effective.

  11. >Hi Pamela,Thanks for the prompt! Mariachi music is infectious.

  12. >I agree with poemblaze, a very moving image.Nice work, and good prompt!

  13. >Wonderful, makes me want to dance. And this is the kind of prompt I love, thanks.

  14. >most "celebrations" my family has had would sooo have benefitted from Mariachi.

  15. >What a great poem to go with the great prompt you made! I love celebrations!

  16. >I remember singing Las Manitas in high school.

  17. >I love the atmosphere you conjure with this one Pamela.

  18. >I love the image of the mother and father dancing with the little one tucked between them. How beautiful!

  19. >Doug,Thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  20. >Irene,Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Pamela

  21. >Matt,It was one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen in my life! It was at a birthday party. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  22. >Ron,Thanks for commenting and stopping by.Pamela

  23. >Derrick,You are welcome. That it is! Guadalara!Pamela

  24. >thanks Daimler 🙂

  25. >I hear ya Barb!Pamela

  26. >Me too! Jessica 🙂

  27. >Evelyn,Thanks for stopping by.

  28. >Francis,I am glad you loved it!Pamela

  29. >Marianne,It was truly beautiful! I never saw anything like that before in my life. What a memory i have there.Pamela

  30. >nice CELEBRATION Pam…and thanks for the prompt

  31. >Wayne,Thanks and yes it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. That couple and their baby just celebrating their new found joy!I wish I had had my camera with me so I could have captured the moment. It was truly priceless.Pamela

  32. >"Hey don’t bother me and go back to your wife"Awesome! Funny stuff!

  33. >Dan,Thanks for the compliment. Yours was great!Pamela

  34. >Nicely done, and thanks again for the prompt!

  35. >Andy,Thanks so much! I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  36. >Enjoyed this. Very interesting juxtaposition, as someone else mentioned. Poem also has a lot of life to it!

  37. >Robin,So nice of you to say!Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  38. >From Therese Broderick — I like how you capture his impulse to stereotype you — stereotypes go both ways, minority to majority, majority to minority. Celebrating a Good Riddance!

  39. >I like this. The ending caught me by surprise.

  40. >Therese,Thanks so much! And you are absolutely correct. I have had my share of those type of questions especially when we lived in Oaxaca. Here things are a bit different The people have a better level of education here in Puebla.Pamela

  41. >Jimmmmaaa,Thank you so much.Pamela

  42. >Thanks for your prompt Pamela, I had a great celebration. Loved your poem very much.

  43. >Uma,Thanks and I am glad you liked it.Pamela

  44. >Nicely done and great prompt. 🙂

  45. >scriptophobe,Thanks so much! and thanks for stopping by.Pamela

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