>“Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie.” napowrimo #13

>In the near field an idle, stylish horse raised one leg


to avoid the napalm ravaged earth

dropped a month ago, the stench still hung

the stylish horse was going blind

he had been worried he might be

when he had gambled as a pony, back in that card game in Tau Luachapore

and lost

it had seemed to him that he would lose his style

yet, here he stood, in the near field, a stylish horse with one

leg raised

as I watched bemused

scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl

and ruminating on this sour existence


18 responses to “>“Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie.” napowrimo #13

  1. >Killer last line, Pamela!

  2. >Love the images and stories you conjure in your poetry. That is a great last line!!Well done, Pamela!~Mark

  3. >i saw that line too and really like how you completed a whole other world of yr own… poem…

  4. >thanks for your poem Pam…well done…NY NY hu…spent some time there in late 50s and early 60s..lots of time in the Village..I think we might be taking a trip there next year

  5. >This drags my mind almost unwillingly into quite a few different directions. Really well done!

  6. >Poetry is great as therapy .Let it all hang out Pam. Good for you.

  7. >love it… it definitely went out with a bang!

  8. >Wow, great poem, Pamela! I think is definitely one of your best that I've read on here! I love the images, especially the line "scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl." Good work!

  9. >Amazing, profound imagery, Pamela. You have a lovely way of telling a haunting tale. Very nicely done!Shari

  10. >Powerful stuff here! Scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl…what an image!

  11. >Ha, excellent… great blend of humor and philosophy. I think the card game is my favorite part. ^_^ (The dinner bowl line rocks too.)

  12. >Pamela, you conjure up with great details.

  13. >pamela, this is so good – what you have done to Norman Dubie's line.

  14. >I thought about using this one, but you took it in a very different (and very cool) direction than I would have.

  15. >Powerful juxtaposition of images, Pamela! wow!

  16. >I really dig this one, Pamela. Thanks.

  17. >I love the image of the stylish horse and the glimpses of his days as a pony.

  18. >Eryl: Thanks so much!Mark: Thank you!omb: Thanks!Wayne: Thanks so much! Yay! the village is cooool!Jason: Gracias!Rall: I am letting it hang hon! Thanks.Susan: Thanks!Richelle: Thanks for the compliment!Shari: You're too kind!Robin: Thank you!Jseph: Thanks ;)Irene: Thanks for stopping by!Uma: Thank you!Francis: Did anybody use this line? I thought it was an interesting line. Thanks!Erin: Thanks!Jason: Cool ;)James: Glad you loved it!

I appreciate all comments.

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