>How about that! napowrimo #14

>Jars and filled up stuff crappy thoughts of life

You remind me unpleasantly of coldcream on the kitchen counter

Of where I’m headed to it should be in the bathroom cabinet

Cranberries canned mascara smudged under my eyes

Pickles on the fire my hair’s a friggin’ mess

Always love roasted pickles bathroom towels on the bedroom floor

They remind of our fantasy days wet and smelling musty

Dancing in platform shoes can’t you ever pick your stuff up off the floor

In the bar where we met you are getting on my nerves

It was early April we need to end this love affair

When you wore a lacy nightie I’d like to have someone nice and tidy

Too bad it was filthy who will call me sweetie pie

I should have done the wash more and tell me how wonderful I am

Covered in sweat and blood is that too much to ask

It’s the blood that stained our lives you can be such a selfish twit

The sweat was indifferent me I am perfect

Sometimes I wake up crying so loving and kind not a mess at all

Reflecting upon your meanness I am certainly better than you

Then I say “what the fuck, it didn’t matter anyway”


22 responses to “>How about that! napowrimo #14

  1. >I like how this poem moves, and the diction is wonderfully reflective. Good job!

  2. >OOOOOh someone's not a happy little vegemite( old fashioned oz expression)I liked this poem. It is a good example ofbeing frustrated with a situation and the thoughts that goes through one's mind!

  3. >Pamela, I found synergy in your lines!-Irene

  4. >A house cleaved cannot stand? This had the feel of a whirlwind.

  5. >Umm…really like the gritty feeling of this! It's real, and it's effective.

  6. >There's a deep and thoughtful psychology here, the more evident feelings toward the top, then outed by the deeper and more direct ones just underneath. I like the honesty of the narrator (never assuming it's you) unless?Beautiful honesty!JDM

  7. >Lori,Thanks for the compliment and commenting.Pamela

  8. >Rall, I am glad you liked it and it has absolutely nothing to do with my real life. I swear!;)Vegemite, I had to look that one up. Is it good???Pamela

  9. >GREAT poem! It's like the reader is inside your mind throughout this poem. You did a great job of pulling the reader in, because that's how I felt. You definitely pulled off the connection of bringing poems into one.

  10. >Irene,Thanks ;)Pamela

  11. >Francis,No, it certainly cannot. Thanks.Pamela

  12. >Robin,Thanks and sometimes it can be gritty!Pamela

  13. >JDM,Could be me know'll never know! Thanks!Pamela

  14. >Richelle,Thanks for your comments. I am glad I was able to do that. Cool!Pamela

  15. >Oh this is so good, Pamela. so delighted to read this three times over.

  16. >Uma, Thamks! And so nice of you to day!Pamela

  17. >I have had that inner monologue, more than once! Great stuff, Pamela.

  18. >Australians eat vegemite on toast. Brits eat marmite.Ours is better.That saying comes from an old adWe're happy little vegemitesas bright as bright can bewe all enjoy our vegemitefor breakfast lunch and teabecause we love our vegemitewe all adore our vegemiteit puts a ROSE in every CHEEK(Yes ….I know)

  19. >Very nice! I enjoyed reading this piece!

  20. >Eryl,Thanks and I have it more than once myself.Pamela

  21. >Cute Rall! But I somehow bet the Brits would disagree 😉

  22. >Weasel,Thanks for reading!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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