>a shitty little ditty napowrimo #15

>I am a poet

I am so cool

I publish daily

To please you

I am a poet

Schnizzle Wizzle

I can rhyme anything

Uncle Tizzle

I am a poet

I be so bad

My words so sweet

They drive you mad

I am a poet

Don’t take me wrong

And if you do

Bite my schlong

I am the reason

God made the world

I am a poet

My words are swirled

Like magic mountains

Going up to God

I am a poet

You are a toad

I am a poet

I am so cool

I am a poet

I know you drool

When you read my writing

Just bow down low

I am a poet

I think you know

There’s no-one more important than me

I am a poet


Don’t even think of crossing me

I am the reason for liberty

I am the reason the sun comes out

I taught the Beatles to twist and shout

I taught Aretha to pay respect

I taught Mata Hari to pay her debt

I didn’t kill the Kennedys

I don’t tie ribbons on oak trees

I am a poet

And now I’m gone

Just remember

Who sings this song


26 responses to “>a shitty little ditty napowrimo #15

  1. >A poet with a rapper's bravado? You may be onto something there :).

  2. >Francis,This is totally supposed to be humorous. I hope I don't offend. This certainly is not my thing.Pamela

  3. >Thanks Wayne!Pamela

  4. >This sounds like rap

  5. >Eryl,Thanks for that!Pamela

  6. >Rall,It does doesn't it? Not my type of music at all! But I just wanted to have some fun, if you know what I mean ;)Pamela

  7. >Hey Pamela–That was great! Lots of good, funny, and juicy stuff in there. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  8. >Robin,Glad you did! It is my attempt at being funny!Pamela

  9. >Nicely! I sang this all the way through, love the bit about teaching the beatles to twist and shout!

  10. >Andy,Really?? Too funny!Thanks!Pamela

  11. >Pamela I could sing this. Great, loved this.

  12. >Uma,Thanks so much for your nice words!

  13. >Awesome piece! I always love reading what you come up with.

  14. >Thanks Jess! You had a good one yourself!Pamela

  15. >Hahaha, I'm LMAO here… bite my schlong! Love it!

  16. >Susan,I am glad you got a laugh out of it :)Pamela

  17. >Haha this is funny! I like the sarcasm that's apparent at certain points. Nice work! It definitely has a musical sound to it!

  18. >This brought a smile. The bit about "I didn't kill the Kennedys" made me think of "Sympathy for the Devil." A nice echo in this, I think.

  19. >Richelle,I am glad it made you laugh. How yes it it full of sarcasm. Thanks!Pamela

  20. >James,I am happy it made you smile. Now that song by The Stones is in my head! Actually it was a reference to the brothers.Pamela

  21. >I'll be laughing about this all day! Great work!

  22. >Dan,Happy I could make you laugh! Thanks!Pamela

  23. >Very funny and easy to sing! Great work!

  24. >Stiletto,Thanks. I had fun writing this, really ;)Pamela

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