>Sometimes on Saturday napowrimo #16


I remember you as I wander through the market

The scent of fresh cut flowers, seeds and oils
As I go by vegetables and fruit

Sweet and pungent smells mixing in the air
Colours so intense and brilliant

The coffee aisle is my favourite it reminds me of

early mornings on the terraza with you

Dark, rich aroma of the beans gathered in Veracruzana Mountains

Laughing together when I was once in love with you

Tears sinuous salty on my cheeks

Coppery smell of blood in my open wound

My heart is suspended in cobwebs of sadness

That’s all I remember now


35 responses to “>Sometimes on Saturday napowrimo #16

  1. >Aww. Think about the coffee instead.

  2. >They all stay with us, the good and the bad, don't they? You capture that well here.

  3. >Evelyn,Thanks for commenting. I am just now working my round to everyone else's poems.Pamela

  4. >Ron,Boy that's the truth! Thank you!Pamela

  5. >Hi Pamela, This has a riotous vibrant feel despite the loss. – Irene

  6. >Phew, memories can do that, fortunately we can turn them off sometimes too. But I don't think they ever go away.Nicely!

  7. >Love this line! "My heart is suspended in cobwebs of sadness" — poignant! Wonderful poem.

  8. >Irene,Thanks so much for your kind words. Always appreciated.Pamela

  9. >Andy,You got that right. Thanks!Pamela

  10. >Lori,Thank you!Pamela

  11. >This is a beautifully expressed poignant poem'Coppery smell of blood in an open wound'brilliant!

  12. >Coffee makes everything better. Even saddening memories. Nicely done! I enjoyed reading it!

  13. >Rall,Thanks so much! I loved your poem with its imagery and scents.CheersPamela

  14. >Weasel,Coffee is the best! It takes away many blues for me. Thanks for the comment.

  15. >Pamela – this would have sounded like a great poem to me either way, but your photo and part of the narrative provoked thoughts about Mexico, where I swear everything related to markets and gardens and food smell more intense than up Norte. This is one of your best, well done!J D Mackenzie

  16. >Sad and beautiful. The second stanza is gripping, especially those last four lines. Great post!

  17. >JDM,That they do my friend. When I first came to Mexico I couldn't believe nor stop talking about the markets they are so beautiful and colorful. This pic is of a particular market my husband and I used to visit in Oaxaca. Simply gorgeous! The name is Benito Juarez it is in the capital downtown. Thanks so much for the nice comment.Pamela

  18. >Robin,Thanks so much and I loved your loving memory as well.Pamela

  19. >nothing smelly here all GOOD and well brewed….have a great weekend …filled with all the scents

  20. >Wayne my friend you are always such a delight. You do the same! Say hello to that lovely girl of yours.Pamela

  21. >You handled the prompt perfectly. "Coppery smell of blood" grabbed me by the nose.

  22. >Francis,I am so happy you think so, that's so nice of you to say.Pamela

  23. >Beautiful Pamela, love this 'tears sinuous salty on my cheeks'.

  24. >Uma,You are always so nice with your comments and they are always appreciated. Thanks.Pamela

  25. >ooh yesReminds me of the Barcelona Market and our smaller but sweet Central Market in Adelaide.

  26. >Lucychili,Yes the markets here are wonderful! Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  27. >This is a wonderful poem and I could smell the aroma of your feelings. I really liked this last line, "My heart is suspended in cobwebs of sadness."Powerful and beautifully written!~Mark

  28. >Mark,Thanks for saying so. I am so happy that you could sense them.Pamela

  29. >A bittersweet experience, walking the coffee aisle, Pamela.

  30. >Derrick,It certainly can be. Thanks.Pamela

  31. >bittersweet but very real. I like it.A question for you, I saw that you´re living in Mexico, did you ever try to write poetry in Spanish? See you!

  32. >Stiletto,I have a hard enough time speaking the language let alone writing it. I have however written some with different expressions is all. I would love to able to write in Spanish, someday maybe. Who knows.Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  33. >From Therese B. — This poem is so touching — it must be true to life. Great details and proper names. I love the picture you placed next to the poem.

  34. >Therese,Some of it is and some is made up. Which part I am saying though ;)Pamela

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