>Refresh me again napowrimo #17

>Deep beneath you

Can’t breathe but oh how I wish I could

Beautiful and refreshing

When will you leave me?

Spilling oil in your home

Dumping rubbish in garden

Killing life that you protect

Why have you been harmed?

To take a bath in you

Brings remedial to your internal soul

To rinse away the filth of one’s life

Where are we disappearing to?


If I could only go deep beneath you and breathe

To once again be refreshed

Waterfalls at Plitvicka Jezera National Park, Croatia

                                 by Jack Brauer Photography

28 responses to “>Refresh me again napowrimo #17

  1. >Without water, no life… why…?Great post!

  2. >Stan,Thanks, isn't it the reality we face?Pamela

  3. >Pamela, I love water… mind you I'm absolutely petrified of it too! People look at me quizzically when I tell them I love the smell of water… some don't get it. This a great poem

  4. >I often dream of breathing under water. I should look it up, find out if it;s significant. Thanks for reminding me so beautifully.

  5. >Wonderful tribute to water!!!!

  6. >Hi Pamela,"To rinse away the filth of one’s life" On a global basis, maybe we're expecting a little too much!

  7. >Love your last line especially. Water not only carries all the elements necessary for all life, but it also carries the earth's memory. If you haven't seen the DVD "The Mystery of Water" I highly recommend it.Great poem!~Mark

  8. >Love this "internal soul" — nice play on phrase "eternal soul" Very refreshing, Pamela!

  9. >Susan,Water is a beautiful element of ours. We should always respect it. If I had my way I would live on the coast in Mexico, but my husband is having no of that. He hates the hot weather. So instead we live in a highly elevated area (8,000 ft.) It is beautiful here but the weather is quite different from what I am used to. It is always chilly at night. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  10. >Ron,I would be interested in knowing why also. I love the water. Thank you.Pamela

  11. >Marianne,Thank you.Pamela

  12. >Derrick,We certainly are. Aren't we. Thanks.Pamela

  13. >Mark,Thanks and I will look for the DVD. So very interesting.Pamela

  14. >Lori,Thanks so much!Pamela

  15. >Pamela, there is so much of the water spirit in you, truly aquatic you and your poem.

  16. >Uma,Thank you. I love water.Pamela

  17. >Tough to argue against water! Nice work.

  18. >Thanks so much Dan!Pamela

  19. >I'm with you on this, Pamela. Water is totally remedial, healing, elemental, … and the list can go on. LOVE water!!

  20. >The ocean is where life originated, and as your poem speaks so eloquently we don't thank her very well.

  21. >nicely done Pam….I use all the elements to meditate….usinghem all…I used FIRE today…so my poem…..my partner meditates on water IN WATER every moorning….soaking and doing her trip for aatleast an hour…have a good weekend

  22. >Robin,I love water too! Thanks!Pamela

  23. >Francis no we don't do we. In Spanish water is a feminine noun which is "aqua". Thanks.Pamela

  24. >Wayne,Thanks and that is so cool that you both meditate.Mediation is good for the soul. We just finished having a little get together with some good friends. Some good company and good food.Pamela

  25. >Another water sprite. I live for water …was born with fins and flippers.

  26. >Rall,I believe we could be kindred spirits. I have such an affinity for water. Been swimming since I was about 4 years old. She is part of me.Pamela

  27. >from Therese B. — love the sense of purity in this poem, also the poignant tone.

  28. >Therese,Thanks. I enjoyed this prompt. Water is a truly amazing element.Pamela

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