>Back napowrimo #18

>Slinky, silky, gliding

Caged up and fierce

Ready to ambush

You are pathetic

I am authoritative

I subsist

You don’t in humanity

I am the vigor

For battle or escape

I am clever and eloquent

I am a cat


44 responses to “>Back napowrimo #18

  1. >Your words fit the facial expressions of cats purrfectly!

  2. >Thanks Stan. Isn't it so.Pamela

  3. >Owned a cat or two have you? 😉 Oh how I remember. We lost our black cat several years ago after 17 years with Taja. Haven't had the heart to replace her.Like your piece here Pamela……robImage & Verse

  4. >Great one, Pamela. Got to love them! (Have two six month old kittens, along with an old labador retriever…)

  5. >Absolutely delicious

  6. >Easy to see who's boss here, Pamela!

  7. >Well done! I especially like, "You are pathetic, I am authoritative"

  8. >Great poem, Pamela – clear equation of power here.

  9. >I knew you would stick to today's prompt. I think your kitty is adorable.

  10. >Great poem– I often think that we cat owners don't really own our cats, they own us. You captured this perfectly!

  11. >Rob,Yeah I have had a few cats in my life. Oh that is long time to have a cat and then lose it. I share your sentiments. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  12. >Robin,Thanks.I love animals. Right now we have 4 dogs and 1 kitten. Back is just 9 months old.Pamela

  13. >Ron,Thank you so much.Pamela

  14. >Derrick,We live for them. That is the truth.Pamela

  15. >Thanks Matt!Pamela

  16. >Thanks for commenting Marianne.Pamela

  17. >Uma thanks and yes with a cat you always know who is in control.Pamela

  18. >Evelyn,I have been doing my best to stick to the prompts. Sometimes it is not so easy. Thanks for saying so. Back certainly has his own mind. Pamela

  19. >Cara,Thanks for commenting. They do own us.Pamela

  20. >my gals are most eloquent when I am not ready to give them breakfast. most eloquent

  21. >Wonderful apt imagery! So cat-like!

  22. >The haughtiness is what makes them so appealing 🙂

  23. >Love the brevity of your verbs that instantly recognize the attitude and behaviors of cats. I am a big fan of the feline and you have captured these sentiments perfectly!~Mark

  24. >Barb,I am sure they are 😉 Our Back lets out a loud yowl when he wants to be fed. Ohterwise he is a delightful kitty and loves the dogs.Pamela

  25. >Lori,Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  26. >Francis,Indeed they are regal aren't they.Pamela

  27. >Mark,Thanks and I enjoyed your poem as well.Pamela

  28. >I think you've figured out exactly what they're thinking!nice poem.

  29. >Angie,Thanks and I am pretty sure they are thinking that.Pamela

  30. >Nicely written, I particularly like your authoritative use of 'I am'!

  31. >a perfect description of the little critters who so rule and reign with cheer and humble tude here kitty kitty

  32. >Andy,Thanks so much! I enjoyed this prompt.Pamela

  33. >POP,I love them. Thanks.Pamela

  34. >meoe meow….kitty kitty….thanks for this….we have no cat at present….but my girls had many kittens,,,and cats

  35. >Pamela,nailed it. It's like an MFA assignment, describe the cat persona in 75 words or less. Then you go and do it this well.Superb!

  36. >Wayne,Thanks so much for you commenting. I have had many cats in my life and they are lovely creatures. Pamela

  37. >JDM,Thanks so much for the nice comment.Pamela

  38. >You capture cattitude quite well here!

  39. >Erin,Thanks so much! Cattitude, funny!Pamela

  40. >They DO think we're pathetic, don't they?

  41. >Dan,Oh, I am not so sure about that, but could be.Pamela

  42. >from Therese B. — you are so eloquent as a cat that you are a feline muse, a cat's poet! Meow.

  43. >Therese,Thank you so much! I love cats! Actually I am an animal lover.Pamela

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