>For the love of napowrimo #21

On canvas colours mix

In hues of subtle tones

Vibrant – vivid

Van Gogh, Monet, Botticelli

Capture what is seen

In the artist’s mind

Put the brush to the paint

Oil – turpentine

Strokes wide and wild

Short, violent, erratic

Perfection for the lover’s eyes


34 responses to “>For the love of napowrimo #21

  1. >Pamela, interesting take on the prompt. Liked your poem.

  2. >The perfection of an imperfect representation of the world, and your words capture that absorbing process well.

  3. >Love this! I too see perfection in their works, and see only how feeble my attempts are — and yet they draw us on, don't they?

  4. >Yes – very well done indeed. In a few well-chosen words you have defined artistic concept.

  5. >Such energy here, Pamela, I feel exhausted!

  6. >from Therese B. — The only imperfection in this poem is that no famous female artist is mentioned! At least the poet is female…

  7. >Uma,Thanks, do you think so?Pamela

  8. >Francis,Thanks so much! Pamela

  9. >Lori,They do draw us on. Thanks.Pamela

  10. >Wanda,Thanks so much for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.Pamela

  11. >Eryl,Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  12. >Therese,Yes at least the poem is female. It was an oversight. Thanks.Pamela

  13. >Yeah, I don't know how the graphists do it, but I'm glad they do. Nice work with this subject matter.

  14. >Ron,Thanks for commenting. Art is fascinating. I majored in Art in the uni.Pamela

  15. >I have just seen the Van Gogh in the original. France is refurbishing Musee D'Orsay and allowed Australia to baby sit some of the collection.Is is sad to think that this genius did not sell one painting in his life time.

  16. >Rall,I totally agree with you. I did my thesis on him in the uni. What a tortured soul. Thanks.Pamela.

  17. >"But I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." Wonderful images here!

  18. >Definitely a unique approach to this prompt! Loved it! And the artists you mention in this poem. Nice work.

  19. >Marianne,Oh I remember that song oh so well. Thanks.Pamela

  20. >Richelle,Thanks so much for your nice comment. They were wonderful artists weren't they?Pamela

  21. >You captured the artistic process so well with just a few well chosen words. Good job with alliteration, too. Love the last line.

  22. >Robin,Thanks for your kind words. Pamela

  23. >"Short, violent, erratic"Sounds like my temper when I was still drinking.Nice work!

  24. >Dan,Spectacular is what they are. Lots of anger.Thanks.Pamela

  25. >I love your description of the strokes–and from that beauty!

  26. >James,Thanks for commenting. I just commented on your poem. Good one!Pamela

  27. >And poetry is but another form of art. Nice job!

  28. >Cara,Thanks that is so true.Pamela

  29. >another good one Pam for this short marathon….thanks again for your words..and for reading my imperfections..and Ken Burns…i seen most of it on PBS..I would like to get the set of the DVDs…Ive been a sports NUT all my life….mostly hockey baseball basketball and lacrosse…Castro…well like him or hate him for sure..with many flaws indeed..but there is a side of him I really like…same as Che…same as most of the Cubans I know…they like one side of him and lots of them dont like the other side….interesting guy for sure….but to sit down and have a drink of rum with him…well for me WOW…sorry Pam

  30. >Wayne,Thanks for saying such nice things about my poetry. You don't write imperfections. I love your words. They are inspirational, believe me. No need to be sorry for your beliefs my friend. I hope one day you get the chance. I just was being a little hard-headed I guess. I love Che!

  31. >I 'perfectly' and wholeheartedly agree with every single word

  32. >Susan,You do? Well that is so nice.Pamela

  33. >As a visual artist, I also appreciate your wonderful sentiments. Beautiful stuff!!Thanks, Pamela!~Mark

  34. >Mark thank you so much!Pamela

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