>The den napowrimo #22


Tomorrow marks another day

in the opium emporium

Pepper mist hangs indistinctly in the air

Crows are sitting on the divan

I flinch, they squall

Tendrils hang about my face

Saffron flowers in my mind

I am dizzy with ecstasy

Sounds reverberate in the night

Rust forms on the walls of my heart

I am fierce

You die


38 responses to “>The den napowrimo #22

  1. >omg! I Love This!!!

  2. >What was that old Rolling Stone's song'Coming Down Again' snorts and smirks 🙂

  3. >"Pepper mist hangs indistinctly in the air" and "Saffron flowers in my mind" and "Rust forms on the walls of my heart" – wonderful images. Your poem is part tragic and part magic.

  4. >From Therese B. — Ingenious! You took me to an unexpected place.

  5. >This is beautiful Pamela, you've taken me into an exotic world of opium fumes and saffron thoughts.

  6. >WOW! I am fierce – You die!A side of you I have never read and sooo fascinates me! Excellent, dear Pamela! My Day 22 Poem is "Squall Blows"

  7. >artofsoul,Thanks so much!Pamela

  8. >Rall,Was that the title? I should know that. ;)Pamela

  9. >Marianne,Thanks! I am glad you think of that way.Pamela

  10. >Therese,Thanks I am glad you think so.Pamela

  11. >Good Uma, Thanks.Pamela

  12. >Julie,There are many facets to my personality. And thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  13. >But I don't WANT TO die!

  14. >Wow, I felt like I was right there and Edgar Allan Poe was smoking opium with crows on the divan and rust forming on the walls of the heart. Love this poem and the eerie imagery it evokes!Well done, Pamela!~Mark

  15. >Ron,Don't worry.Pamela

  16. >Mark,Thanks so much the nice comment. Pamela

  17. >Phew, you lead an exciting life! Opium dens, and a list of amazing images!

  18. >Thanks Andy. I appreciate that.Pamela

  19. >Excellent! I love it. You make it look so easy.

  20. >Only Footprints,Thanks so much for the nice comment. I love wordles!Pamela

  21. >Just excellent work. Especially loved the crows sitting on the divan– odd, but very fitting your delicious imagery.Really liked this.

  22. >Dan,Thanks for such a nice compliment.Pamela

  23. >Ooh, this is wonderful and otherworldly. I read it three times!

  24. >Thanks so much Robin. I wrote this when I first woke up this morning.Pamela

  25. >Pamela–This flows so effortlessly, and wow, what a cool image/place/feeling you created. Love it! (How do I get there? :)) The other Robin

  26. >You've created some really great atmosphere… scary good.

  27. >Robin,Well I am not sure exactly how to get there, hum??;) Thanks so much for your nice comments.Pamela

  28. >Excellent! You made the words fit the setting really well, vivid descriptions throughout… I like.

  29. >Francis,Would you also like to go?? 😉 Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  30. >Joseph,Thanks so much for the compliment. I love wordles, they are so much fun.Pamela

  31. >super poem Pam…and there is that rust again…one of my favorites….for writing or painting…and I BLEW it with my poem I could have had Dizzy blowing his rusty crooked trumpet..oh well…keep up the good wring only about 18 million and 45 seconds left in this short marathorn

  32. >Wayne,I really appreciate your nice comments. Are there really only that many minutes and seconds left?;)Pamela

  33. >Pamela, I agree with Julie, a naughty and dark side we've not seen before. I love your voice, direct and tight, nicely done.JDM

  34. >JDM,Thanks for commenting and I really appreciate the nice things you say. Sometimes I can be a little naughty and dark ;)Pamela

  35. >I read the crows as people in black.The ending is feisty =)

  36. >Janet,Could be! Thanks.Pamela

  37. >Lovely! I'm so impressed at how effortlessly the prompt words slotted in – I had to remind myself what they all were, actually!

  38. >Lunch on Tuesday,Thank you for that!Pamela

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