>Jacqueline and Tom napowrimo #23

>barricades have been set up, Tom has notified the public

Jacqueline sips Chai tea from a china tea cup

she contemplates the block of terra cotta clay

he clears the area of debris, turns off water and electricity

hands are subtle and flexible, smooth to touch

she handles the clay with expertise

respirators, safety goggles, earplugs for all the men

she sits down to the wheel

lightly pumps the peddle with her delicate foot

Red Cross in place and ready with first aid kits

centering, pulling on the clay, spinning

torquing, forming the vase with her hands

they soften supporting columns, place dynamite inside

smoothing and moving the clay

the vase is taking form-becoming a work of art

set the blasting caps, clear the area, charge-fire


38 responses to “>Jacqueline and Tom napowrimo #23

  1. >I confess I don't know who the couple is, but the pairing of something so meditative as pottery and destructive as demolition is brilliant here. Excellent work!

  2. >Very interesting contrasts here. He destroys and she builds. Creative!

  3. >I really like the language of this poem – it is both completely natural and imaginative. Somehow I was reminded of Eleanor Rigby … strange association.

  4. >I'm racking my brains for the individuals, too! But regardless, the juxtaposition is very appealing.

  5. >Who cares who? stand back, things are happening. Very cool.

  6. >I see you've told Joseph that you didn't use real people in your poem, which will make us all feel better! Clever career juxtaposition.

  7. >I love the way the two oposites intertwine in such a seamless way.

  8. >Joseph,As I have already posted they are imaginary. Thanks for the nice comment. I loved your Martha Stewart poem as well.Pamela

  9. >Thanks Only Footprints.Pamela

  10. >Yup, Julie that is what he was doing.Pamela

  11. >Eleanor Rigby well. ok? Thanks though!Pamela

  12. >Dan,They are imaginative. But let's call them … Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Thanks!Pamela

  13. >Ron,Thanks for that!Pamela

  14. >Derrick,They could be married, couldn't they?Thanks.Pamela

  15. >Andy,You are so kind. Thanks.Pamela

  16. >I love the contrast in language and actions here.

  17. >Francis,Thanks for commenting on this and I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  18. >I really like what you have put together here! Nice job.

  19. >great contrast interesting choices

  20. >I loved the juxtaposition of the two characters, performing two such very different tasks. Well done.

  21. >Love the juxtaposition you set up here. One extreme to the other. This really works. nice job!~Mark 🙂

  22. >Erin,Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  23. >Thanks Janet!Pamela

  24. >Cara,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  25. >Mark,Thanks but I failed to do it in a speaker's voice. UGH!!!Pamela

  26. >Pamela, the contrasts placed back to back bring the gap between the two even more. Great writing.

  27. >Uma,You are too kind. I am a little disappointed with my effort on this prompt. :(Pamela

  28. >Awesome pairing, Pamela! Excellent weave work.Shari

  29. >Very nicely done, Pamela. It almost works as a modified cleave poem. The contrasting lines and images work perfectly. I really enjoyed this.

  30. >Shari,Thanks so much! You are too kind.Pamela

  31. >Robin,I hadn't thought about that, but could be.Thanks.Pamela

  32. >hmmmmmmmmmmmm oh I know that couple….back in …hmmmmm well I do know them…well done Pam.

  33. >Wayne,Do ya now? They could be the unlikely couple, no? Thanks.Pamela

  34. >OK it's Tom Cruise and Jacqueleine Kennedy.An unlikely couple both cerebrally challenged.

  35. >Rall,Ok, then you guessed, damn!!! Tom is an idiot true, but give Jackie a break.;) Thanks!Loved yours, too funny!Pamela

  36. >From Therese B — This is intriguing, a bit disturbing. Is it art? Is it violence? Is it cooperation? Is it terrorism? This poem is loaded, Pamela. Keep it, keep working on it.

  37. >Therese,Thank you. I think I will.Pamela

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