>medieval Erasmus said … napowrimo #24.2


Euripides writ the play

don’t they know “`A dogge hath a day”

from the coliseum the spectators watched

hungry for the blood and mayhem

rivalry was wicked in those days

release the dogs

take his soul and be it carried away

to the dark depths from where he came

a lowly man once said “every dog has his day”


12 responses to “>medieval Erasmus said … napowrimo #24.2

  1. >Liked this phrase before and like it even more now. Agree: rivalry was wicked then, and even sometimes today.

  2. >Love the homage to Euripedes and every dog has his day. The dogs Euripedes this up!Well done, Pamela!~Mark

  3. >JDM,It is an interesting saying and I just couldn't resist. Thanks.Pamela

  4. >Mark,Thanks this one was fun. Pamela

  5. >i love that phrase. and wow: 2 poems on day 24! yeeha!

  6. >Well done! Engaging and easy reading!Cheers,S.

  7. >Me too Carolee. And I have no idea how I actually came up with 2 this late in the game either. Thanks.Pamela

  8. >Stiletto,Thanks for that.Cheers to you!Pamela

  9. >apt choice for flaubert =)

  10. >I'm saying Janet. ;)Pamela

  11. >from Therese B — I think "a lowly man" is a brilliant touch! Who's to say what's a dog or a man? I love the dog picture — perfect for this poem.

  12. >Therese for me the dog picture is just a hoot. So fierce! grrr ….Pamela

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