>Oh my brothers! napowrimo #24


I shall stick my hand through the hole

You may cut it off

You may grasp it as a sign of peace

Oh Saint Patrick’s Cathedral why do you do me wrong

Ormondes and Kildares

1492 it was always a time for war and strife

Bombings don’t end it, do they?

Now, then, when

What did we learn?

“Give peace a chance”


30 responses to “>Oh my brothers! napowrimo #24

  1. >What else is there, after so long at war?

  2. >A great phrase from the great John Lennon. Well said!~Mark

  3. >Nothing, Stan.Pamela

  4. >Thanks Mark. You gotta love John.Pamela

  5. >' Though this be madness,yet there is methodin't ' Hamlet.

  6. >That's all we are saying

  7. >That's all we are saying…Well done, Pamela!

  8. >the image of reaching for peacethrough a wartorn hole is powerful

  9. >You'd make John proud, but it's so sad that we still need to say this though.

  10. >Ouch, fast start, graphic way to show rather than tell, edgy. I like the ambition of asking age old questions that seem to elude us. Well done, Pamela.

  11. >Brilliant, Pamela. I particularly love the first lines, the image they give.

  12. >Ron,What more can be said.Pamela

  13. >Marianne,Thanks for that.Pamela

  14. >Janet,Thanks.Pamela

  15. >Robin,It is very sad and thanks.Pamela

  16. >JDM,Thanks for saying so.Pamela

  17. >Eryl,Thanks so much!Pamela

  18. >Rall,I have taught lines from Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice to my students here in Mexico. I have found them to be great pronunciation tools.Pamela

  19. >I love this one Pamela… really well done.

  20. >Francis,Thanks so much for your kind comments.I enjoyed your poem as well.Pamela

  21. >Beautiful pamela, the first three lines set the tone and the score.

  22. >Uma,Thank you for saying so. I am glad you like it.Pamela

  23. >Powerful, spare work. Nicely done.

  24. >Thanks Dan.Pamela

  25. >Thank you Wanda. I loved your sonnet.Pamela

  26. >It better be finished…cant get a better ending….. god one Pam

  27. >Wayne,Thanks a lot and I truly enjoyed yours.Cheers,Pamela

  28. >from Therese B — I love that you address the cathedral directly.

  29. >Therese,That is how the legend goes … Thanks.Pamela

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