>One rainy evening napowrimo #26

>Under a full moon

smell the exhaust of planes

waiting on the tarmac

rain has just fallen glistening drops left behind

everyone waiting in anticipation

a plane takes off

one lands and hits the tarmac-hard

its engine begins to coil

someone is arriving home

or visiting a new place

thinking of starting my new life

it has all become clear

memories fade away

in my mind and my feelings

I fly …


26 responses to “>One rainy evening napowrimo #26

  1. >Pamela, not sure if this kind of poem has a name but I think of these as crossroads moments. Here's hoping that all of yours are positive!

  2. >Thanks JDM. This was really an experiment in trying to combine two poems. Not so easy and I am feeling a bit challenged right now.Pamela

  3. >Your words always delight, Pamela. Deep breathing, we're almost at the end. You have been so generous in your commenting and your writing. You are an inspiration.

  4. >Julie,You are so kind. I have enjoyed reading everyone's poems. I am just feeling like I am reaching really reaching … Pamela

  5. >Really enjoy transitional poems, literally and figuratively. You really capture that essence. You could call this "Transcendental Airlines."Nicely done!

  6. >Mark,That would be a good title. I am not happy with the title I gave it. Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  7. >It's always a bit of a shock to me when things become clear. You have captured that moment quite nicely!

  8. >Marianne thank you so much! It is a bit frightening. Pamela

  9. >planes on tarmacs suggest such possibilities…nice job!

  10. >Erin,Thanks for the comment. And they do, don't they.Pamela

  11. >I really enjoyed that and I can relate to it too. I like it when I read a poem that I can relate to.

  12. >Susan,Thanks so much and I enjoyed yours.Pamela

  13. >Those threshold moments really are priceless. And in four more days we'll have to find a new challenge!

  14. >Francis,They are indeed. What to do after this is over? I hope we can all stay together somewhere.Pamela

  15. >You have such a way with words! This poem got me thinking about all the would-be adventures that I let pass me by and made me hopeful. Great job, as always.

  16. >well done gain Pam….keep breathing…..just 146,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,044 seconds left…deep brathing in the downward dog….that should revitalize ya

  17. >mm yes airports, adrenalin, open space and crowds of people, strong coffee. haven't travelled in a while.

  18. >Pamela, this is a lovely reflection. Your imagery of planes landing and taking off, people coming home or embarking on a new adventure is awesome.Bravo!Shari

  19. >Ah, the anticip—-

  20. >Jessica,Thanks so much.Pamela

  21. >Wayne,I am trying Wayne. I am …Pamela

  22. >Janet,I love airports so much activity and just the over all feeling.Pamela

  23. >Shari,Thanks and I too love airports.Pamela

  24. >Dan,Oh yes! Pamela

  25. >from Therese B — I have written several airplane poems! I love to read them, too. I think airplanes are extraordinary machines. They never cease to amaze me.

  26. >Therese when I was young I used to go to the airport with high school friends and watch the planes take off and land. I have fond memories of those times.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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