>Ramblin’ Rosie napowrimo #27

>Feeble and occasionally a bit foppish

Entertains with Congo music from a distant land

Big bells and drums, funky men in hula skirts

Rabbits hopping in the garden eating up the carrots

Under an umbrella sipping mint tea from a tall frosted glass

Aristocratic and well read, a novelist by trade

Rosemarie Rutherford from the shores of Montezuma

Yawns when you get near


30 responses to “>Ramblin’ Rosie napowrimo #27

  1. >Fun read; I've always loved the name Rosie! Great title, the lines flow smoothly, one into the next … you weave a nice little story!

  2. >Oops…lost my comment, which said I really enjoyed this! I especially love the first line.

  3. >Can we envy you that February there is a lot different that February here? Sounds like a great party!

  4. >Marianne,Thanks so much.Pamela

  5. >Robin,Thanks for your nice comment.Pamela

  6. >JDM,It could be a great party. You never know.Thanks.Pamela

  7. >Yawns when I get near? Why, you must mean most of my acquaintances!Great work, as always.

  8. >No, Dan don't know them. But thanks anyway.Pamela

  9. >This is a very charming scene you've concocted Pamela.

  10. >Wherever you spend your Februaries, I want to go there too!This was fun, the images clashing and tripping over each other but the whole they create is bright and full of life.

  11. >Oooo! This was fun–an unexpected view of February.

  12. >Francis,Thanks for saying that.Pamela

  13. >Novaheart,Thanks. You should go there sometime.Pamela

  14. >Thanks Erin. You never know about February.Pamela

  15. >Rosemary Rutherford amd the hula skirt men…title of your next novel?

  16. >Now why would you think I am Rosie??? I have however spent many a February like this …Pamela

  17. >Love your Rosemarie Pamela, and a nice tale in eight lines.

  18. >Here's to February! Fun poem.

  19. >Thanks so much Uma.Pamela

  20. >Cara,Thanks so much Cara. I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  21. >wanna dance?….thanks for this

  22. >Sure, whenever you would like? You are welcome. Thanks for commenting.Cheers,Pamela

  23. >from Therese B — In most of the lines in this poem, you manage to include at least two words (first word, as well as a second one) which begin with the acrostic letter. Well done!

  24. >I like how each line is like a snapshot of the larger picture. Well done.

  25. >Thanks Therese I had fun with this prompt.Pamela

  26. >James,Thanks so much for that.Pamela

  27. >A super garden party, Pamela, with funky hula men!

  28. >Thanks Derrick. I am just saw your comment. I am behind on responding to comments is all.Pamela

  29. >I guess you don't need any more comments, do you?Foppish is a great word.I know some great people born in February.

  30. >Evelyn,Thanks for commenting and yes I love that word.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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