>what a bunch of … napowrimo #28

>Something tells me to leave it alone

I know I won’t ‘cause it’s not my fashion

Should I steal away?

Catch a forbidden kiss

I have never listened to my logic

I have thrown caution to the wind

Or was that the other way round?

How can you do that anyway?

Sounds like a bunch of crap to me

Something told me to leave it alone

But I didn’t …

And I am confident I never will


33 responses to “>what a bunch of … napowrimo #28

  1. >Excellent, Pam! Like this a lot–and yea, it's so hard to listen to that damn little voice inside telling us what not to do.

  2. >from Therese B. — "Or was that the other way around" — I can relate to this second-guessing. Always another way to look at something. Thanks for this.

  3. >"Don't pick at it – it'll leave a scar!"Mom was right.

  4. >the inner voice….and that third eye is ALWAYS there…to see and listen…..niced reminder Pam….enjoyd this

  5. >I'm well versed in that back and forth. You captured it nicely.

  6. >Phew, I can't leave it alone either!

  7. >I like how the end mirrors the beginning. Nice job!

  8. >Robin,That is so true. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  9. >Thanks Therese. There is always another way.Pamela

  10. >Always listen to your mom Dan.Pamela

  11. >Thanks Wayne I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  12. >Me neither Andy!Pamela

  13. >Like this notion of a little devil on the shoulder tempting us to be naughty – isn't restrant overrated?

  14. >Thanks Cara. Enjoyed yours also.Pamela

  15. >Absolutely JDM! So overrated! ;)Pamela

  16. >You've captured the second-guessing, the quick bouts between confidence and abject doubt. "Or was that the other way round?"(btw, the pink square thing is a running joke [I think] concerning my poem "kiss it")

  17. >Ah, the dilema of the good cop/ bad cop inside all of us. Dynamic dialectics at work. Great stuff, Pamela!~Mark

  18. >Novaheart,Now I get it 😉 Thanks so much!Pamela

  19. >Thanks Mark I liked yours also. There is always a good cop/bad cop inside of me. ;)Pamela

  20. >Well done! Great last line!

  21. >I've noticed that a lot of poets in the past several days have started writing these poems about throwing caution to the winds for the sake of… well, satisfaction and relief and a happy ending. Do you think the month is starting to get to us? 😉

  22. >I never leave it alone and that is why I amalways in trouble…but that is you and that is me!

  23. >Hooray for braving it all, Pamela!Shari

  24. >yes I can relate =)

  25. >Are you talkin' to me?! Great fun, Pamela.

  26. >Derrick,Yes I am. What is wrong? Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  27. >Hi Pam,Nothing's wrong. That was me doing a famous line from a Robert de Niro film and being your pseudo-conscience! Didn't mean to alarm!!

  28. >Marianne,Thanks!Pamela

  29. >Joseph,I am quite sure of that.Pamela

  30. >Rall,You can say that again.Pamela

  31. >Shari,I am very brave.Pamela

  32. >Janet,There is no other way!Pamela

  33. >Derrick,Gotcha!Pamela

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