>"In the city" napowrimo #29


The Spring Break massacre

Happened over the oyster bar on Fifth

Welcome back Courtney Love

Even if you don’t like the idea

She says “Laura Bush has gay friends”

The Spring Break massacre

Staring at Sapphic Romance portraits

New York happy hours all round the clock

During a conversation with a human centipede

Mayor Bloomberg called out on education for the kids

The Spring Break massacre

You don’t say “A stray remark haunts Brown?”

They approve the big wind farm off Cape Cod

Just another evening out with friends

In “The city that never sleeps”


25 responses to “>"In the city" napowrimo #29

  1. >I love this mash of headlines. I bet you miss NYC sometimes.Your Mariachi band is trying to break down Miss Pommeroy's bathroom door.Could you have a word?

  2. >Nothing like keeping your finger on the pulse, Pamela!

  3. >That "Spring Break massacre" line has this weight to it that can't be explained, and all the images dangle off it like Christmas ornaments… wonderful construction and arrangement of images. 🙂

  4. >Rall,Muchas gracias!I've tried telephoning them. They are bad boys what can I say. ;)Pamela

  5. >I am trying Derrick. Really I am.Pamela

  6. >Joseph,Thanks for the nice comment. I miss NYC so much!Pamela

  7. >Rall,I miss NYC all the time.Pamela

  8. >Love the way you've linked these lines together, and I like the way you've repeated the line, "The spring break massacre." Nicely done!

  9. >Nice collage of headlines. The first line of "Spring Break Massacre' really sets off yor stanzas. I really like the "Human centipede" line. Well done!~Mark

  10. >I like the repetition of the first line, and the mix of stories gives a nice hectic feeling of the city. I'd like to meet that human centipede :).

  11. >Marianne,Thanks so much! I enjoyed this prompt after I had given it some thought.Pamela

  12. >Mark,Thanks! This was fun. The human centipede is a new horror movie from a Dutch Filmmaker named Tom Six. Pamela

  13. >Francis,Thanks and I don't think you want to meet the human centipede. It's a new horror movie.Pamela

  14. >a range of emotions with colorful images… i laughed outloud thinkin of laura bush and courtney love… and the best the bloomberg talkin to a nyc centipede.. tho the repetitive massacre line kept the poem firmly weighed in reality a life in the day

  15. >Fantastic what you've done with this Pamela. It really works!

  16. >PoP,Thanks so much.Pamela

  17. >Erin,Thank you.Pamela

  18. >Well reported! And the repetition holds this together nicely!!

  19. >Andy,Thanks so much!Pamela

  20. >Tillybud,Thank you!Pamela

  21. >The iconic American Wind Farmer. How long till we start seeing the cigarette and cologne adverts?

  22. >No telling Dan!Pamela

  23. >I love the refrain of the spring break massacre. I love the human centipede line.

  24. >James,Thank you. I am glad you liked it.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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