>saying goodbye … napowrimo #30


a train passes by …

what once went before me

a sound haunts me in my dreams

a despondent resonance it makes

my mind moves reluctantly

on a journey to another place

don’t fall off the train

you may lose your legs

try to keep your balance

or leave it behind

a train makes such a forlorn hum

desolate and lingering

going nowhere and everywhere

leaving emptiness inside me

27 responses to “>saying goodbye … napowrimo #30

  1. >Desolation poemified. Bravo.

  2. >Beautifully done, Pamela! I will miss RWP and the many talented writers I have met here.

  3. >Viv,Thanks so much. I have to make my rounds to everyone today.Pamela

  4. >Mariane,Thanks and I will too.Pamela

  5. >I love the picture and the forlorn mood which you have beautifully created. It reminds me of a scene in WW2. Thanks for all your support. It was good to meet you on RWP and I'm sure we will keep in touch.

  6. >The empty tracks and the train moving away.I feel left behind as the site moves away, but I really hope to join you on anotheradventurous site. I've enjoyed reading your poetry & your encouraging comments.Marian

  7. >No worries. The next train will be here soon. 🙂

  8. >I certainly relate to your poem. Goodbye, Flaubert, you are one of the poets I will especially miss. Maybe we'll be on the same train again sometime – hope so.

  9. >I like this a lot. You catch that lonely train feeling that sounds like other people going places (or as Bruce Cockburn put it 'the sound someone makes when they're getting away.')

  10. >And, congrats on completing the napowrimo challenge!

  11. >I think we're all feeling this way, but thanks for expressing it so nicely! Thanks for visiting my blog often…and hope to see you on other poetry sites.

  12. >Pamela, your voice will not haunt me in my dreams, so long as we continue to hear it, which depends – yes – on your continuing to write. Looking forward to reading more of what you do. And on a personal note, I've just started doing this word thing (writing poetry) and could not be less experienced, but your gentle encouragement has meant a lot. Best,JDM

  13. >Hi Pamela:This is great! You've done a lovely job of capturing the trepidation inherent in any major move forward.I'm glad I found you and I will happily continue to follow your writing. Thank you for sharing all your heartfelt and fun poems.Shari

  14. >Thanks so much for all the visits and support throughout NaPoWriMo. RWP will be missed but new adventures await.

  15. >hey hey Pam…not depressing for this kid…just keep on truckin…by bus or train…writing words form the heart OR space..or wherever these "things" come from…been a blast…aint saying Goodby….hello and get on the paint bus for another party….seu there…CHEERS

  16. >we rattle the track clicketty clackwith a hand pushed railcarbuilding slow momentum, or resting our armsready to leap asideif we hear the express =)

  17. >Rall,Thanks and I am also glad I met you. You always manage to bring a smile to my face.See you next Wednesday at POW. Let the party begin.CheersPamela

  18. >Marian,I have enjoyed your poetry and I hope to see you too!Pamela

  19. >Joseph,Iam counting on it. I have enjoyed my time sharing and reading with you. Love your poetry.Pamela

  20. >James,Thanks and I had a great time. Love your writing. I hope to see you round.Pamela

  21. >Wanda,I have throughly enjoyed reading your poetry and sharing mine with you. Thanks for the nice compliment. Hope to see you round soon!Pamela

  22. >Robin,Thanks and yes let's stay in touch. See you at Rall's or one of the other sites. I have signed up at writer's island. And have also joined we write poems. You should also give it a go. I have enjoyed reading your poetry.Pamela

  23. >JDM,You are much too kind. I can't believe you just started writing. You are GOOD! Keep it up and I hope to see you round!Pamela

  24. >Shari,You are so sweet. Thanks and I have enjoyed yours as well. Let's keep in touch.Pamela

  25. >Francis,You have been a delight! I have enjoyed my time spent with you. I am sure I will see you round. BTW Love your artwork!Pamela

  26. >Wayne my friend I am getting on the bus with all you good and talented folks. I have throughly enjoyed reading and sharing before and during napowrimo.Cheers,Pamela

  27. >Miss lucychili,You have also been such a delight this past month. Hope to see you round these parts.Cheers,Pamela

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