>Is there a message? Writer’s Island #1


Gritty sand between my toes

Salt has formed creases in my skin

I have kept the bottle in my drawer

Vowing to never open it

Sometimes I think about it

And other times I try to disregard

The air smells fresh today

Serenity blows through my mind

I wonder is there something I have missed

It’s the bottle in my drawer

I should move it to a more suitable position

Where it can amass dust with the years

Just like my life …

30 responses to “>Is there a message? Writer’s Island #1

  1. >Woo-Hoo! You're here, too! I was feeling so let down after RWP but it looks like the fun can keep on keeping on! A good poem for a good prompt.

  2. >Yay Marianne! What a delight to see you over on the island. This is going to be fun! I love staying in touch.Pamela

  3. >Aw, Pammie, I'll take care of your little bottle. (when they're empty they can collect dust on the inside, too)

  4. >Gee Thanks Barb. Appreciate it.Pamela

  5. >A most important bottle. Great poem.

  6. >Oh, Anthony so nice to hear from you. How have you been? Como estada? Thanks.Pamela

  7. >Good poem. I was sad not to read the message, though.

  8. >Viv,Great to see you here. I am sure one day I will reveal the message. Thanks.Pamela

  9. >Hi Pamela- Nice to see a familiar castaway on the island. Watch out for that Gilligan guy and Tom Hanks ;-). I love the imagery you portray in your poems. I feel like I am there.Mark:-)

  10. >"serenity blows through my mind" Very nice so no need to find that bottle Great poem

  11. >Mark,Aah! A familiar friend. Thanks and I really enjoyed my time with you on napowrimo. We will be seeing each other. How cool!Pamela

  12. >Marja,Thanks so much! Pamela

  13. >Nicely, but if you never open the bottle, how do you know there's a messege there?

  14. >There's a lot of character in dust…

  15. >Nice bottle. Reminds me of one I found in the desert (that used to be an ocean). Love the twist in your last line. Somehow I think you have gathered little dust and no moss. Alas, many of us have.

  16. >Andy,Because I know has to be one there. don't you think? Thanks.Pamela

  17. >I'm saying Stan.Pamela

  18. >Annie,Thanks and nice to meet you.Pamela

  19. >hi Pamela, I have lots of bottles in my drawer like magic potion.

  20. >Hi Pamela, so good to find you in fresher shores. Great poem, loved the last line immensely.

  21. >Hi Pamela, Nice poem here. Especially liked how it ended. I'm looking forward to writing to the prompt soon and staying in touch with many of you from NaPoWriMo who I'm already missing!Robin

  22. >Do Tell Irene. I am glad to see you. Pamela

  23. >Uma,Iam so happy to you here. I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  24. >Robin,I am glad to see you too. I also miss my naporwrimo buddies. That 30 days was a great experience. I will be looking for your poem.Pamela

  25. >"vowing never to open it" — i love all that line contains!

  26. >Carolee,It can mean so many things. Thanks.Pamela

  27. >hellooooooooooooo Pam….never move the bottle..dust it…or open it…..unless you want to…long as you can get the top off and do not have to break the bottle…

  28. >and…..I DID read your poem….relly liked it…never opening the bottle is good thing….unless there is no message and just some Havana Rum…..cheers

  29. >Cheers to you my friend Wayne.Yay Havana!Pamela

  30. >An intriguing poem. Is there a message? Isn't the poem the message? I like it.

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