>enigmas … one single impression

>She asked me what I was talking about

I knew what she was saying

The doubts had always been there

She was scary in her upholstered


When things were right we

used to walk

We used to laugh

We used to talk

That’s over now

I wonder if she’ll ever get


from the down she knew

it was never in doubt

Sixteen times I’ve told this


And sixteen times I’ve

always failed

My accordion sits beside me

It doesn’t say a thing

And me, well, I’m just

sitting here

Just like always

Always in fear

If I asked her if she’d rise

I know she wouldn’t

When time has ceased to be a


And rabbits dance in


And kings and goblins are


Would that be an enigma?

And still I’m just sitting

and waiting here

Remembering her short black


And wondering if she was

even there

As flies infest my mouth

Enigmas fly as high as her

Enigmas cannot wander south

Enigmas of the kind that are

not mentioned

Just sitting in my nasty


A faint reflection

a taste of the womb

a word I never like and

hardly mention

and if you read this and

come away

with a prescient feeling of

some dismay

a vulture’s beak, well, what

I would give to see that

me and my cat

we don’t care

about dancing rabbits in


they’re pretty but they can’t

abandon madness


14 responses to “>enigmas … one single impression

  1. >Loved this. Very off-beat.

  2. >Thanks Andy. It is isn't it.Pamela

  3. >I so agree with Anthony. This piece is enigmatic, energetic and mysterious. Nice!

  4. >Thanks Susan. I missed you during napowrimo.Pamela

  5. >Off beat and beautiful to be sure.

  6. >How clever and creative you were with enigma.

  7. >Sandy,Thanks and it is a bit.Pamela

  8. >Tammy,Thanks for that.Pamela

  9. >I would classify this as industrial strengthsurreal.Bit like a Breughel painting. Nightmarish quality.

  10. >Rall,Thanks for the comment and it is a bit strange I know.Pamela

  11. >Hi Pamela,Enjoyed reading these slightly crazed words!

  12. >Derrick,Thanks for that. I am glad you did.Pamela

  13. >mm the upholstered chair makes me shiver

  14. >Miss Lucychili,It makes me shiver too.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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