>My heart is in my hands (writer’s island #2 stowaway)


Oblivious and nowhere

Thrown away and missing

Feelings of another epoch

Placed somewhere and tucked beneath

Requirements of being

Cast aside and disregarded

Wants of freedom to express

Negated and vacant

Swing high from the furthest point

Float halfway through and descend

Revolving brings it to the beginning

Transcends through a miniscule filament



24 responses to “>My heart is in my hands (writer’s island #2 stowaway)

  1. >Pamela, I found myself going back to the beginning and reading it through over and over again. Something about the rhythm draws me to it. I especially like "Revolving brings it to the beginning."

  2. >Brenda,Thanks I wrote this in a bit of a haze over my morning coffee.Pamela

  3. >This one is so deep and wise. And I agree, it flows beautifully.

  4. >Thanks Anthony for saying so.Pamela

  5. >I like the suggestion of repetition, while acknowledgeing the course will, eventually, be run.

  6. >Stan,Thanks for that and noticing.Pameal

  7. >Transcends through a miniscule filamentvery beautiful Love the rythm

  8. >I like the way the stowaway is psychic leftovers of another time. Nice!

  9. >Pamela, this is beautiful, words used so carefully carrying a depth of meaning.

  10. >this is gorgeous – the rhythm pulls you along to the end like that miniscule filament!

  11. >mmm…I see this poem as a playful hide and seek, toying with capture…at some point…

  12. >Marja,Thanks for that appreciate it.Pamela

  13. >Thanks Paul I enjoyed yours as well.Pamela

  14. >Uma,Thanks and I loved your poem.Pamela

  15. >Dee,Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  16. >Linda,Thanks so much.Pamela

  17. >hello Pam..hazy over a morning coffee is a good way to start the day….and a wonderful poem….first line grabbed me ….and took me to a nice ending also….I reallly like this…cheers from the mountains

  18. >Thanks my friend. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Cheers to you from the land of volcanoes.Pamela

  19. >I love the rhythm and I can feel the tiredness in this. I could feel the gravity in your words, like water revolving in a funnel. Well done, Pamela!~Mark

  20. >Mark,Thanks for commenting. Nice to see you.Pamela

  21. >the combination of image and poem is especially stirring. Wow.

  22. >Thanks Julie.Pamela

  23. >Great movement through this one. You do well with morning haze.The "swing high, float, filament" section makes me think of tiny spiders on the wind, discovering the world. (for me a good thing, I think little spiders are neat)

  24. >Thanks Barb. Little spiders definitely have their place in the world.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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