>Hell’s Reign OSI prompt #115 reign


Volcanoes erupt and spew ash

She walks through molten fire

Rivers dry up and fish die

She walks on broken glass

Compost in landfill

She breathes rancid air

Toxic fumes rise and mingle with air in lungs

Coughing up blood and mucous

Eyes are bloodshot and teary

Earthquakes happen every 5 seconds

She has fallen in between the crevice

Tsunami wake upon innocent

She lets water fill her lungs


16 responses to “>Hell’s Reign OSI prompt #115 reign

  1. >I think Mother Nature is trying to send us a message. She gets angry when we don't listen.

  2. >gautami,It is indeed. Thanks.Pamela

  3. >Rall,She certainly does. Thanks.Pamela

  4. >I like how the last lines suggests a certain giving up that the previous lines beginning with "she" don't. Well done.

  5. >Thanks for commenting James.Pamela

  6. >Excellent observations…

  7. >Thanks SusanPamela

  8. >Hell on earth is no longer an expression is it? Well done

  9. >Thanks Tammy and you got that right.Pamela

  10. >Chaos does seem to rule sometimes; this too shall pass…. observant and acute images.

  11. >Christine, Yes it will pass. Thanks.Pamela

  12. >Pamela–This is great writing. I love this. You've married the tragic worlds of myth and natural disaster. Thanks!

  13. >Thanks Brenda. Pamela

  14. >Release and surrender can be the same thing.

  15. >Sandy,Thanks for commenting.Pamela

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