>"We all play games" POW #2 juxtaposing and contrasting elements


Hopscotch in the road

Day after day

Morning gilds the skies

They send my friends away

To mansions cold and grey

Tic tac toe on the sidewalk

cuff you on the hand

Don’t set me free

My heart awakening cries

Just my Librium and me

And my EST makes three

Wooly buggers play chess

Queens, kings, no pawns

Day after day

The night becomes a day

They take some brain away

Then turn my face around

I sit with my funny friend inside of me

When from the heart we say


Tic the tac and toe

Chess with no pieces

As I lie in my sanatorium

*Process notes:

I took the first three verses of a David Bowie song “All the madmen”

EST: expressed sequence tag is a short sub-sequence of a transcribed cDNA sequence

I also added an old German hymn:

“When morning gilds the skies”

Text: Katholisches Gesangbuch

Music: Joseph Barnby, 1838-1896

Tune: LAUDES DOMINI, Meter: 666.666


20 responses to “>"We all play games" POW #2 juxtaposing and contrasting elements

  1. >i really liked this pam, you hit rall's prompt deadon… i always did enjoy david bowie….

  2. >Thanks for saying so.Pamela

  3. >They didn't take any brain away from this piece.

  4. >Loved this Pam. Transcription of genes,David Bowie and German hymns. Now who could have come up with this?Sounds like someone who spent too long in academia.You have been writing a lot of scary poems lately.I am going to give a nice soft prompt next week…with the hope of daffodil responses:)

  5. >Phew, purple hearts and hop scotch, 'just my librium and me' is a belting line!

  6. >Stan,Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed this prompt.Pamela

  7. >Rall,Thanks for saying so. I felt the need to explain EST because it is part of David's song. He wrote that song about his mentally ill brother who died. Now as far as daffodil responses … I don't think so right now. I am in a dark mood. But I could try ;)Thanks for a great prompt!Pamela

  8. >Andy,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  9. >Hey Pamela, just to keep the party going, I dug this one out of my archive bloggage, it goes with the one I did for the prompt today and it's set in NY! Gordon Blue

  10. >Andy,I just went and read your poem and I love it!Pamela

  11. >That's one of my all time favorite Bowie songs, and I never knew what EST meant, so thank you! :). This was quite the cool little mix.

  12. >A sad mixture really, Barbara, but well blended.

  13. >Francis,Thanks it is one of mine too. He wrote that song for his brother who died of schizophrenia. He is worried he will up getting the same disease.Pamela

  14. >Derrick,Thanks for that and btw my name is Pamela.Pamela

  15. >A million apologies, Pamela. I was obviously in a different world for the moment!!

  16. >Accepted! Pamela

  17. >Whoa! to contrast images of an innocent (60s and 70s?) childhood with some of the burdens of adulthood, creates an scene that is vivid and close to home. I had another take on EST as one of the flavor-of-the-month human potential movements from an earlier time. But either way it works.

  18. >JDM,Thanks for the comment. You are correct I was born in '57.Pamela

  19. >not a huge Bowie fan…but appreciate what he did and does…..and you did really good with this Pam

  20. >Wayne,Thanks for the nice comment and I loved what you did with this prompt.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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