>moral ethical lies big tent poetry #2

>cognitive within its complexity

journey awaits

statistics of perplexity

approach negates

positivistic, political idea, positivisme

hang off the moon meditate

stoic in views

constrained from love

legitimate fear of bad news

utilitarian pleasure of a shove

feelings, faces, au fait

swing from the sun soar

transformation of a social idea

tortured with silence

becomes something which to adhere

it should be for avauance


26 responses to “>moral ethical lies big tent poetry #2

  1. >Some nice sounds here PAMELA, but 'avauance' has got me!

  2. >Derrick,Thanks and it means "to profit or advance". I wanted a different word to rhyme with silence. I see you remember my name ;)Pamela

  3. >aye, love the last stanza too… idea/tortured with silence" it's a great image.

  4. >You did this prompt VERY well! Great sounds that give interesting thought…

  5. >Ana,Thanks for saying so. And thanks for commenting.Pamela

  6. >Cynthia,Thanks for that … I enjoyed this prompt.Pamela

  7. >There's a wonderful BIGNESS to this poem, Pamela. It's well-built, intense and substantial. Well done!

  8. >Marianne,Thanks so much for saying that. I enjoyed this prompt.Pamela

  9. >Sometimes those big words intimidate and can often lose their effect if overused.Here they flow and make the piece what it is – a pleasure to read. And given the context of the prompt they fit perfectly.

  10. >hang off the moon meditateOKI like this one very much, esp avaunceThanks for stopping by Scrambled, Not Fried

  11. >Stan,Thanks for that. Some of these words were taken from the programs I listened to and I expanded on them with wikipedia and google.Pamela

  12. >Ron,Doesn't everybody hang off the moon and meditate? Thanks for saying so.Pamela

  13. >My favorite line is "utilitarian pleasure of a shove"

  14. >Francis,Don't the Uli's do it so well?Thanks.Pamela

  15. >Thanks Susan I totally agree.Pamela

  16. >Susan I accidently removed your comment. What I meant was hanging with the moon and thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  17. >loved the line "statistics of perplexity" best. Learned several new words too 🙂

  18. >Dee thanks for the nice comment. I did also when writing this.Pamela

  19. >My favorite lines of a very interesting poem:"feelings, faces, au faitswing from the sun soar"So many wonderful images!

  20. >Mary,Thanks so much. What a very nice comment.Pamela

  21. >Wonderful combinations of words .

  22. >Thanks for saying so Linda.Pamela

  23. >Adding the challenge of rhyme made this especially enjoyable to read. "utilitarian pleasure of a shove" was my very most favorite line, too.Glad you enjoyed the prompt.

  24. >Deb,Thanks so much! And yes I did enjoy the prompt.

  25. >lots of wonderful alliteration in this!

  26. >Carolee,Thanks for saying so and I enjoyed this prompt.Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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