>"a hidden key" Writer’s Island prompt #3


once you have it you will never be the same

i looked in the attic

and found it in a silver plated box

it will take you to a very dark place

it is the key to madness

a dark dissension into the depths of surrealism

while brain congestion occurs

living is more essential

cholera takes over, the body reeks of decay

if you use the key you cannot discern

30 responses to “>"a hidden key" Writer’s Island prompt #3

  1. >I am not sure this is a key I would want to find, though I am pretty sure I have the brain congestion thing!interesting read.

  2. >Ha ha! I was going to say the same thing as Dee…can completely relate to brain congestion. You nailed it! Thanks Pamela!

  3. >Dee,Thanks for commenting and I sure you wouldn't want to find it. Neither would I. I wrote this loosely on the history of Edgar Allan Poe. When he died they say he possibly had cholera and brain congestion.Pamela

  4. >Brenda,Thanks for saying so. And I am sure you don't have brain congestion.Pamela

  5. >Oh yes, that must be quite a key. I think I'll pass on it…but thanks just the same!

  6. >Robin,Are you sure? It's free.Pamela

  7. >Original but better keep the key in that beautiful box

  8. >Marja,I think I will. Thanks.Pamela

  9. >This was beautifully dark. Quite the key.

  10. >Anthony,Thanks and it is meant to be dark.Pamela

  11. >Janet,Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  12. >I was just reading about Poe and his young wife, Virginia. A very sad story! Your poem is agreeably tragic and gloomy, Pamela!

  13. >Marianne,It is a sad and tragic story of Poe and his young wife. I think they were only married 2 years before she died of TB. He was the inspiration for me to write this.Pamela

  14. >Definitely not a key I want to find. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is all about poetic imagery otherwise, this is a key to a very dark rabbit hole.

  15. >sometimes keys open boxes better left closed, don't they?wonderful piece, Pamela!

  16. >Annie,It is about poetic imagery. And thanks for commenting.Pamela

  17. >Angie,Thanks and I wouldn't open a box like that.Thanks for the compliment.Pamels

  18. >You poem reminds me of that movie…(have to go search)…yes! Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson. Not nice keys, not nice at alll…

  19. >Linda, I remember that movie. Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  20. >The fact that the key is in the attic – the upper living place, often small and cramped – is quite symbolic! A place for storage of cobwebs! An interesting piece of writing!

  21. >Greyscale,Thanks for taking the time to comment on my poem.Pamela

  22. >This is beautiful Pamela. Love this line – 'a dark dissension into the depths of surrealism'.

  23. >In spite of how you describe the outcome of taking the key, the poem still leaves me intrigued and maybe wanting to take it anyway. But that's me. -Nicole

  24. >Uma,Thanks for the nice comment.Pamela

  25. >Nicole,Do you really thinks so? Can madness be that bad? Hey, thanks for commenting.Pamela

  26. >I think I will hang on to this thought: 'living is more essential'An uncomfortable poem, beautifully written. Nobody said poetry should be easy!

  27. >Hi Viv,Thanks for the nice comment. I realize this is an uncomfortable poem. I was using some info from Poe's life and this is where I ended up.Pamela

  28. >nice one Pam….I felt comfortable with this….thanks again for sharing….Im so busy lately that seems I can only do one poem a week..so I havent done much on the other sites…cheers from Canada

  29. >Wayne Thanks a lot for commenting. I have missed reading your writing.Cheers from MexicoPamela

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