>in spain we write poems prompt #2

>This was inspired by my cd “The best of Sting and The Police”

Not really sure why Spain came to mind.

A cafe` in Barcelona in an alley where no one goes

A Flamenco dancer entertains

As rain falls on tin roofs

Inviting with her moves

Men order rounds of absinthe

The green fairy floats

The dancer looks at nothing

Platters of paella and jamon serrano are served

The music continues, the men are raucous, a tear forms

in the corner of the dancer’s eye as she recalls

her lonely life on the stage


30 responses to “>in spain we write poems prompt #2

  1. >I was doing just fine, thank you, until I read this poem. Now I want to dance (without the tears) and eat paella. =)

  2. >Somehow, I'm not surprised that it conjured up Spain…not so much Spain itself but that lonely dancer. Excellent write this week.-Nicole

  3. >Thanks Linda and I think I was hungry when I wrote this =)Pamela

  4. >Nicole,I loved this prompt! Once I sat down and started going through music. I just got in tune with Sting and he helped me conjure this up. Thanks for an excellent prompt.Pamela

  5. >About 40 years ago, I tasted paella for the first time. I was staying in Acapulco with friends. We ate in a little cafe right on the water. I've never tasted anything that wonderful since! Here's to your wonderful poem, flamenco dancers and eating paella!!!

  6. >Marianne,paella is wonderful and thanks for the nice comment. You should come to Puebla and visit. We have quite the variety of cuisine here, sushi, chinese, argentine, brasilian, french, italian unbelieveable! We have a neighbourhood here called "La Paz" and it reminds me of Manhattan it is just loaded with beautiful restaurants.Pamela

  7. >I enjoyed thinking of the flamenco dancer, love music, am sorry about her sadness….but unlike others, I'd pass on paella. LOL.

  8. >A poem filled with beautiful images! A joy to read.

  9. >Mary,Well she is very sad today anyway.What you don't like paella? pamela

  10. >Sights, smells, tastes, sounds… They're all there. Love it.

  11. >Thanks Diane!Pamela

  12. >Dan there you are! Where have ya been? Thanks!Pamela

  13. >Don't know why you went to Spain either, but thanks for the lovely travelogue! Fine work.And I appreciate your regular stops at Scrambled, Not Fried

  14. >Ron,Spain is such a beautiful place. And somehow I was reminded of Spain when listening to his music, not sure why? But what a nice journey. And I loved your poem. I love your work.Pamela

  15. >Pamela, Great Spanish flavor and I like the humanity in the end.– Irene

  16. >The details make me want to be right there—

  17. >Irene,Thanks for the comment.Pamela

  18. >Linda,I would love to be there myself. Thanks.Pamela

  19. >Pamela, I love this poem for so many reasons. Been in this back alley cafe in many Latin cities, though the dancer not as beautiful as you describe. The paella we do here has the saffron but it's missing something, maybe the music you have there?JDM

  20. >However it came that you "went to Spain" with this poem, all well arrived. I like this poem, these images very much. Well done Pamela.

  21. >Wish I hadn't read this. NPO til noon for a test, and now there's paella and salty ham to not have. I'll have to be a weeping dancerthanks for this one

  22. >JDM,Thanks for the nice comment. And I do love paella.Pamela

  23. >Neil,Thanks for visiting and commenting.Pamela

  24. >Barb,Thanks and I am sure I was hungry when I wrote this ;)Pamela

  25. >I don't know how you got from the Police to Spain, but I'm very glad you took the journey. A vivid scene.

  26. >Me neither Francis thanks!

  27. >"The green fairy floats" – is it the absinthe or the dancer? I hope it's both – I love that juxtaposition.

  28. >Mr Walker it is the absinthe I think it was called that in europePamela

  29. >JanetThanks for saying so.Pamela

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