>"it is all in a word" big tent poetry #3 wordle (inspired by Marvin Gaye)


glitch the pattern

doff and let’s get it on

sapient wisdom I capitulate to your fondle

it is futile

pick up the caparison off the floor

come on baby

let your love come out

the tincture is sultry in this room

neon signs light our way

proof as I crumple in a pattern underneath

traces of stars and purses hit the pavement


38 responses to “>"it is all in a word" big tent poetry #3 wordle (inspired by Marvin Gaye)

  1. >Great wordle work, Pamela! "the tincture is salty in this room," speaks volumes. I read this about five times. You take me with you into the night. ~Brenda

  2. >Not a fan of MG, but Sexual Healing sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  3. >Um, I'm too young to understand this one! :-)But you got 'em all in. How did you get the wordle to copy? I tried and tried and nothing happened.

  4. >Don't know enough of Marvin's work to pick up the beat on this, Pamela but "doff and let’s get it on"!

  5. >Brenda,Thanks for saying so. I am glad you liked it.Pamela

  6. >sometimes stan sometimes!Pamela

  7. >Barb,yes it could be and thanks.Pamela

  8. >viv,thanks and all you do is right click on the image and save it.Pamela

  9. >derrick,he is not my favourite but he is good. thanks.Pamela

  10. >I like how you worked the words into the meaning of Gaye's song, and my favourite line is "the tincture is sultry in this room". Indeed. Nicely done.-Nicole

  11. >Thanks and I was surprised that it did work.Pamela

  12. >I love reading these wordle poems, as it's so intersting to see how everyone comes up with a unique take on the words. Love the Marvin Gaye laced throughout!

  13. >Thanks for commenting it seemed to fit for mePamela

  14. >I loved this Pamela.Anyone who can get this type of response from Derrick has performed a miracle!

  15. >I suppose so, Rall. Thanks for the comment.

  16. >I love the way you wove all the words—great fun.

  17. >Oooh…I liked this: "doff and let's get it on"…that's a Marvin Gaye, for sure. =D

  18. >LindaThanks for that.Love wordles.Pamela

  19. >Linda G.Thanks and that song is hot! I was listening to him while attempting this prompt. And this is the result.Pamela

  20. >Thanks Ana ;)Pamela

  21. >Ah, Pamela, you are a master (or should I say mistress?) of the wordie. I loved the way you used all of the words. Not easy to do.

  22. >I love how well you used all of the words, Pamela. Your poem is a perfect little gem! So cool how we all see the same prompt so very differently.

  23. >Thanks for saying so SusanPamela

  24. >MaryI dont know about me being the mistress of wordles but thanks.Pamela

  25. >MarianneThanks for the comment and it is so true.Pamela

  26. >i just said this to another circus-goer, but incredible to me that you got them into such a succinct piece!i love the ending: purses hit the pavement.

  27. >Thanks carolee and and now I must make go check out the others.Pamela

  28. >Marvin & Wordles! Such a fun response to all those crazy words!

  29. >Thanks Deb! Oh how I enjoyed this.Pamela

  30. >So beautifully and neatly done, Pamela. Love the way you have used the words, as Carolee says succinct with no word out of place.

  31. >Umathanks so much for the nice commenti loved your poem tooPamela

  32. >Only by conjuring Marvin could anyone make a wordle sexy :). Great job.

  33. >FrancisThanks and it just seemed to fit perfectlyPamela

  34. >always enjoy marvin gaye and rocks perfectly to his sound…life can be so darn wonderful….

  35. >It certainly can! ThanksPamela

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