>imaginary friends writers island #4


would those be the only ones you’ll ever have

because the others don’t exist

oh, there was my friend who wasn’t so imaginary

the friend I had when I was seven

she took me to the park 

and raped me

but maybe that was imaginary

and then I found that friend named Jesus

he was imaginary too

I remember when he said love your neighbor

that’s when I knew that was through

they are so sweet to imagine, my imaginary friends

they come and go and take my breath as only they can do

they suckle close and suckle sweet and eat my pretty brain

but they are imaginary, so it’s all the same

so, my wonderful imaginaries, how I love you so

Please don’t stay away so long … oh, how I miss you so


14 responses to “>imaginary friends writers island #4

  1. >Beautifully done, wrapped in an intense emotion.

  2. >Thanks Anthony this was not an easy prompt to work withPamela

  3. >This is a stunner! Well done, Pamela! Oh, and I loved the cartoon!

  4. >MarianneThanks and I am glad you liked it the cartoon is hilariousPamela

  5. >Quite intense and powerful, Pamela. Excellent post!

  6. >Thanks for commenting and stopping byPamela

  7. >Wow, Pamela — this is an intense poem! I love it.

  8. >Linda thanks for thatglad you liked itPamela

  9. >Very powerfully ambivalent. Strong work, well presented.

  10. >Thanks RonIam kind of in a mood right now and not feeling oh so plesant but I guess that happens.Pamela

  11. >yes the imagination can be terrifying.Thanks.Pamela

  12. >holeee moleee….nicely done for sure Pam

  13. >Thanks buddy!CheersPamela

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