>a tea party pow #4


Trees are twisted with no leaves

The sky is a greyish blue

The mood is dark there is concrete

Too much blue eye shadow

Maybe or something else and barbwire

I cannot quite place

I am missing you where are your shoes

Where are you can you

Put them back on

Let’s have a tea party

Crumpets and an earl grey


20 responses to “>a tea party pow #4

  1. >This is wonderful, Pamela .. dark and unsettling. My favorite lines: "I am missing you where are your shoes Where are you can you Put them back on." That extra pair of shoes under the table is a so mysterious!

  2. >Surreal lines for a surreal picture, Pamela!

  3. >MarianneThanks for the comment.It is mysterious!Pamela

  4. >Derrick thanks for that!Pamela

  5. >Phew, Nicely, perhaps if this tea doesn't make your eyes turn blue, it makes you invisible!

  6. >Interesting thing, interpretation. I saw the shoes as filled, just detached. You saw them as empty, needing to be refilled. Love the way you set the scene:Trees are twisted with no leavesThe sky is a greyish blueThe mood is dark there is concrete

  7. >There is a concrete feel to this.A surreal dream quality. I can hear echos in this poem.I prefer Twinings English Breakfast with mycrumpets with honey.Just thought I 'd let you know in case I ever pop over.

  8. >Could be Andy. you never know!ThanksPamela

  9. >PaulThanks and interpretation is different with everyone.Pamela

  10. >RallThanks and this painting certainly helped. Very interesting I would love to know what Charles was thinking of when he painted this.I will take note on the tea and of course crumpets have to have honey!CheersPamela

  11. >I like the disoriented feeling of your poem, it fits well with the painting. Crumpets do sound nice.

  12. >Thanks for the comment Linda.Pamela

  13. >FrancisThe painting has a very disorienting feeling and I would love some crumpets right now.Pamela

  14. >I like the way you've delved into the imagination of a lost little girl.

  15. >Thanks Stan.This painting is very interesting and invokes many thoughts.Pamela

  16. >sipping my cooling Earl Grey it occurs to me that I've never had a crumpet. Super setting! There is an imprisoned feel to the starkness. Wintery. "or something else…I cannot place"You get a lot into some spare lines, gal.

  17. >Thanks Barb!you should look up a recipe for crumpets online. I think you would enjoy them. BTW no one has ever called me gal I kind of like it ;)Pamela

  18. >Pamela, liked there were many things here that seemed un-knowable until the end, which I interpret as love and optimism – it's been dark and bad, but let's freshen up and have tea, and won't it be better?

  19. >JDMThanks and as far as love well not so sure but always optimistic.Pamela

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