>Puebla de Los Angeles we write poems #3


The volcano has snow on its top

18000 feet it reaches to the sky

And to the north is the sleeping lady still capped with ice

It has been hot during the day

The heat comes off the concrete

It is enough to make you nauseous

The rain comes at night

The air is fresh again

People on the streets in the evening

Selling tacos cemitas and churros

Fresh baked bread smell coming from a bakery

Tortas pan dulce and croissants

People move slowly on their strolls

There is no rush

Life is just for the moment

Laughing and eating

Some singing

Music coming from open doors

Kids playing soccer in the streets

This is a life I never want to leave

Family and friends are what counts

I left behind the hurried life for this …

18 responses to “>Puebla de Los Angeles we write poems #3

  1. >Wonderful images of a life. Thanks, Pamela!

  2. >My god Paul you are quick!This is a lovely place to live.Thanks.Pamela

  3. >I like the fact how you contrasted day and night in this piece…the blistering heat versus the coolness of the evening, but yet the nighttime and how you describe it here provides a richness and heat of its own. Nicely done.-Nicole

  4. >Such an inspiring place to live. Love your smells and sounds…- Dina

  5. >Nicole this is an interesting place with the volcanoes and the poeple are so forth coming.The food is international but the traditional Mexican (poblano)is something to experience. Thanks.Pamela

  6. >DinaThanks and it is lovely here.Pamela

  7. >Hello Pamela! =)Wonderful slices of life, from the volcanic mountains to the street life, food smells and children playing in the evening..the contrasts of heat (volcanic and temperature) and coolness (snow and evening), day and night are wonderful — definitely two different places!

  8. >LindaThanks and I got your message.yes I was successful in getting rid of it.This place is very nice and I love the volcanoes.Pamela

  9. >You make me homesick for Mexico & I was only there for one winter, plus a few week-end trips here & there.You do such a nice job of wrapping up the feel of the place. Wish I was there. (sigh!)

  10. >Come down Marian!I love this place especially Puebla.It is so full of culture. And that is so cool Joseph let you post your poem on his blog. Pamela

  11. >Sounds wonderful, Pamela … my parents used to own a condo in Manzanillo and spent the winters there. Americans are forced to take life too seriously. We need to incorporate siestas into the work day. This is a lovely poem about a lovely place!

  12. >MarianneIt is lovely here but right now it is the hottest time of year. Normally it is rainy right now and a bit cooler. But with Global warming it is hot this year and just a little rain in the evening which does help.you should visit someday.Thanks.Pamela

  13. >nicely sliced Pam…not only the bread…but all the words…thanks again for sharing your words

  14. >Thanks WayneThis is place is very nice here.And the bread is wonderful unlike Oaxaca.They have terrible bakeries.CheersPamela

  15. >Hi PamI like thisthe music from open doors– In one way it's as if for a minute or two you're a part of some stranger's life. But it's also as if you are walking a midway, being struck by things to see and hear from all directions.

  16. >BarbIt is the Latin American feel for sure. Thanks.Pamela

  17. >Beautiful! Beautiful photos and beautiful poem. "I left behind the hurried life for this." I made that move too, once, and it was the most glorious ten years of my life. This took me back to loving somewhere like that.

  18. >Sherry this place is so different for me. The climate, the people and life. I love every bit of it! Thanks!Pamela

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