>forbidden passion big tent poetry #4


Avocadoes aguacates

Hanging like testicles …

from the ancient Aztecan trees


Passion fruit

it bears on you

Spanish Conquistadores coveted them

To acquire their surreptitious wishes

induces sexual prowess

Avocadoes ahuacatl

protect your image from slanderous assault

keep your avocadoes hidden

Deep inside the cupboard

For you and your lover’s libido


28 responses to “>forbidden passion big tent poetry #4

  1. >Well, I just learned something new! Always wondered why eating those lush, silky fruits made me tingle…;o)

  2. >Yes I agree Pamela. Avocadoes are best tucked away. Being confronted with a set of dangling avocadoes can be quite unsettling especially after a certain age!

  3. >CynthiaMe too I did not know they were considered an aphrodisiac. Until I read about them.Pamela

  4. >RallMany years ago they would think badly of you if seen buying this fruit.Imagine!Pamela

  5. >When I worked in Venezuela, my first garden had an avocado tree. Was amazing to think they just grew, while back in UK they were exotic! Aphrodisiac or not, I love them!

  6. >DerrickIt is a wonderful fruit and I did not know the history of it until recently. I love them too!Pamela

  7. >Hehe… "keep your avocados hidden". Very nice.

  8. >Pity they're so fattening – or I'd eat them at every meal. The result could be interesting!When we lived in Seychelles, the avocado season was short, and they were HUGE. I'm glad I didn't have your image in my head then. We went to a dinner party which started with chilled avocado soup and finished with avocado ice-cream. I can't remember the aftereffects. What a shame!

  9. >Interesting bit of knowledge in an enjoyable piece!

  10. >when I lived in Florida there was an avacado next to where I parked, It dropped its over ripe fruit all over the place. Took me years to eat one after that.Glad I didn't have your image in my mind then.

  11. >JamesThanks and I think everyone at least the male species should keep theirs hidden. Ha!Pamela

  12. >VivJust checked out Seychelles and it must of been really nice. yes they are terribly fattening but I love them. But now I cannot get the image of them out of my mind. Oops!Pamela

  13. >SusanIt is an interesting bit of info isn't it.Thanks!Pamela

  14. >Barb I remember them in Florida also.I am kind of sorry I wrote this now because I cannot get this image out of my mind ouch!Pamela

  15. >Yep — the avocado is sexy. Without a doubt. One of my husbands would make a puree out of it and we'd…well, never mind. =) Like how you hid them away, Pamela…so we couldn't get our greedy hands on them, eh?

  16. >Absolutely Linda absolutely!Ha! ;)Pamela

  17. >And in addition to the other comments, I like using the real name in the poem, too. Adds a lot of exotic flavor.

  18. >Pamela, I love your word choice all through this piece. Well executed take on the prompt! ~Brenda

  19. >Great fun and imagery! Enjoyed this one!

  20. >yes, i've known for ages that the avocado was equated with the testicles, and how they hang on those trees, but it never stops being delightful. … especially gives us something to balance out all the melon and coconut imagery the men enjoy. 🙂

  21. >Thanks Deb. I enjoyed the prompt. I am so behind on reading other people's poems right now.Pamela

  22. >Brenda thanks for saying such a nice thing!Pamela

  23. >Glad you did Paul and thanks!Pamela

  24. >CaroleeIt was a new bit of history for me. I totally agree with you about the melons and coconuts.Pamela

  25. >Thanks Tillybud!Pamela

  26. >Hmmmm. I eat avocados every day, tee hee. No wonder!

  27. >I eat them at least three times a week and I haven't noticed any difference :(Pamela

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