>star struck osi #118 has asked us to write about love and here is my response

>some people have stars in their eyes

to the smartest of fools, love exists

round and round

if this was life

there’s a shadow on the ceiling


18 responses to “>star struck osi #118 has asked us to write about love and here is my response

  1. >Beautiful strong rhythm,Pamela. Your words echo in this piece. The round and round makes me go back to the top and start again, and again, and….Well done!

  2. >I do think of love as cyclical.

  3. >Brenda you are so kind thanks!Pamela

  4. >FloretaThanks so much for commentingPamela

  5. >Glow is from inside and doesn't result in any shadows anywhere… yes, external light on face.. then as it is said.. brighter the light.. darker the shadow.. and love makes one's inside glow.. well written as it spurs thinking..God bless!

  6. >Thanks Ramesh!Pamela

  7. >This is deceptively deep. Excellently done.

  8. >A profound message with so few words…this one really makes me think. Beautiful poem!

  9. >SusanThanks a lot!Pamela

  10. >AnthonyThank you for commenting!Pamela

  11. >Sweetest in the GaleThanks for the nice commentPamela

  12. >Wow, your deceptively short poem is very deep.. and provides a lot of scope for contemplation. A very good read, thank you.

  13. >Thanks Dark Lord!Pamela

  14. >But I love to see those stars in his eyes… 🙂 And him to see the stars in mine eyes…coz it only means one thing…WE ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER… :)Awesome I would say Pamela!!!

  15. >AmityThanks for commenting!Pamela

  16. >inner constellations, always shadows, beauty in all. wonderful piece!

  17. >wow thanks gabrielle!Pamela

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