>springtime we write poems #4 doors


Luekemia destripar cancer


Strap on your best face

and put forth

some integrity

Find a shadow to veil in

Put on a robe and let go

an excruciating pain exists inside

So walk through the door

of hysteria and joy


28 responses to “>springtime we write poems #4 doors

  1. >Challenging and painful and brave. Thank you.

  2. >Thanks for saying so!Pamela

  3. >I agree with Sandy. This is definitely a door that one must have courage to walk through.http://troublebeingstrong.blogspot.com/2010/06/unlock-door.html

  4. >Diane indeed it is!Thanks for commenting.Pamela

  5. >A greek play, mask and robe and flowing veil. The pain inside can be behind any mask. I like: put forth some integrity. That's advice you don't have to give yourself.

  6. >Barb, I like what you got from this poemI almost was getting the feeling that some people thought of it as an autobiography which it is not of course!Pamela

  7. >The door of histeria and joy…. I love this combination. Well done.Heartspell

  8. >Thanks heartspell!

  9. >GautamiI am glad u found it! Thanks for that!Pamela

  10. >Pamela, I was glad to read in the comments that this is not autobiographical. I had wondered. You wrote about the subject from within though, as if you truly knew. What I think about most at the moment is combining hysteria with joy. At first it seemed an improbably combination, but the more I thought about it…….. Nice work!

  11. >Thanks Mary! there is a depth to which I feel I can touch here but nothing morePamela

  12. >Wow…Well done Pamela. I am impressed. Sad and powerful words you weave here!

  13. >Thanks Brenda 😉 always enjoy you stopping by!Pamela

  14. >It's not an easy thing to write about that final and most challenging of passages, but you did it well.

  15. >Thanks Francis do not know why but this just seemed like it worked well. Pamela

  16. >Yep — tragedy and comedy. Yin and Yang. But, I did have a fleeting thought…and said, "nah." Good stuff!

  17. >Thanks Linda I am glad your thought decided not to stick around ;)Pamela

  18. >So compact, such impact – that's one strong door!

  19. >Thanks Paul! and thanks for commenting!Pamela

  20. >Very powerful for so very few words. Excellent Pamela!

  21. >NeilThanks for saying so I really enjoyed this prompt!Pamela

  22. >The door that so many of us are afraid to walk through. I love how you weaved in the concept of theatre, called to the stage by circumstance. What masks we done depends on us. Well done.-Nicole

  23. >Thanks Nicole I always appreciate your commenting on my poems!Pamela

  24. >Such bravery in throwing open that door. I like that it was widdled down to so few words, all working together easily to get the feeling across.- Dina

  25. >Thanks Dina and I enjoyed yours as well!Pamela

  26. >doors can be hard to open…and easy to close also…anyways well done Pam

  27. >Wayne my friend always a pleasure to hear from you and thanks for a great prompt!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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