>once again it happens … big tent poetry # 5


It rose and I to reach

the dead love I once longed for

As I snuck behind the psychedelic curtains

swinging in the breeze

To enter into a strange and different time

and space

The forbidden chamber of temptation

In the years to come I will be accused of many


but as it rises I am lured once again

34 responses to “>once again it happens … big tent poetry # 5

  1. >Ahhh….we both let temptation take us places! I like this Pamela. It has an air of mystery surrounding it, where the reader has to fill in… Very well done!

  2. >Real poetry, this. Exciting, specially the psychedelic curtains.

  3. >You've captured a mood here that we've all felt, but perhaps won't admit to.

  4. >Pamela, I've always wondered what was beyond those psychedelic curtains.http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/06/tauranga-jet-boat-ride.html

  5. >this begins so beautifully: It rose and I to reach / the dead love"!

  6. >this is beautiful and a little frightening!wonderful ppoem, Pamela!

  7. >This has such an eerie feeling, and a sense of being powerless to stop your demons. Very good…

  8. >Gracias Cynthia and i enjoyed yours!Pamela

  9. >Brenda yes temptation is fascinating!Pamela

  10. >Wow thanks Viv!Pamela

  11. >Maybe we should admit it Stan ;)Pamela

  12. >Ah yes, the forbidden chamber of temptation.. we;ve all been there! Very well written!

  13. >Mary wonder no more or should i say continue to ;)Pamela

  14. >Carolee thanks for the nice comment and I throughly enjoyed both of yours!Pamela

  15. >Angie temptation is sometimes frightening but oh so fun! Thanks!Pamela

  16. >Thank you Diane! And it could be so Pamela

  17. >A gorgeous photo. Isn't temptation the most wonderful dessert?

  18. >Absolutely Susan absolutely!Thanks!Pamela

  19. >Eerie and compelling. I liked: As I snuck behind the psychedelic curtainsswinging in the breezeTo enter into a strange and different timeand space

  20. >Thanks Nan ;)I am glad u liked it!Pamela

  21. >Strange and mysterious.

  22. >I love psychedelic curtains! I love mystery! I love addiction! You've got it all…any person who likes to walk on the edge could take this poem for his/her own…

  23. >So mysterious, Pamela. Those curtains. Curious, I want to slip behind them just to experience what it is that lures you. Is the moon itself more than I've thought it to be?- Dina

  24. >The opening line is wonderful – really drew me into the heart of this poem.

  25. >DebThanks for stopping by!Pamela

  26. >Linda true enough!Thanks!Pamela

  27. >DinaThanks for commenting!Pamela

  28. >Pam thank you!Pamela

  29. >you are really getting wild under the full moon 🙂

  30. >thanks Ana and I loved your poem!Pamela

  31. >Beautiful poem Pamela, you create great atmosphere. Give in to the temptation.

  32. >Thanks Uma and sometimes I do!Pamela 😉

  33. >Ah, that bewitching moon… its pull is too strong to resist :).

  34. >She is bewitching indeed! Thanks Francis!Pamela

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