>the gods know writers island #6 unforgettable


sitting at a café


cool breeze

coming from the ocean

a voice that is undeniable

music in every syllable

Narcissus drawn from the center

Aphrodite and pulled in dissimilar directions

Pluto surrounds us

beams of light around your face

Thanatos death of a loved one


14 responses to “>the gods know writers island #6 unforgettable

  1. >Great explanation of what makes a moment unforgettable.

  2. >Thanks so much Stan now it is time for me to go check out everyone else's poems! I have had a fairly busy day here.Pamela

  3. >A truly unforgettable moment, Pamela!

  4. >thanks Marianne!Pamela

  5. >A moment not to forget beautifully expressed sight

  6. >A moment perfectly described.

  7. >MarjaThanks for commenting!Pamela

  8. >AnthonyThanks for that!Pamela

  9. >okay, you got me hankering for a cappuccino cool breeze! You took me somewhere. thanks.

  10. >Ok Brenda I am glad I was able to transport you! De nada!Pamela

  11. >I must be missing something. Very pleasant poem until the last line… Thanatos death of a loved one… Thanatos is death, right? It seems to me like pleasurable moments followed by a surprise moment. But that's not what I'm reading in the comments. In any case, a very touching poem.

  12. >Diane thanks for the comment and yes I just threw in the Greek gods as a touch!And death just fit at the end!Pamela

  13. >Ah — I was with Diane until I read the comments. That was a slam-dunk!

  14. >thanks for that Diane!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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