>flight otherwise #83 monday poetry train-revisited

>one light to the next

on the chandelier

visit the moon before you’re through

nothing lasts

fall into hell with the fire

wings that hiss when rubbed together

loath in the ailment

filled with toxin

the accolade of demise


8 responses to “>flight otherwise #83 monday poetry train-revisited

  1. >Oh Pamela, this is nice. It starts so light and tumbles into dark eternity..wings that hiss when rubbed togetherI heard them.

  2. >Thanks so much BrendaPamela

  3. >Starts so light and airy (almost a tiptoe feel), until the word 'hell' is reached, and then it all gets weighty, dark and a bit evil-sounding. As always, I'm a fan.- Dina

  4. >Yes. Rather than suffer, we must live.

  5. >Thanks DinaThat is a very nice thing to say!Pamela

  6. >SandyThat is very true!Pamela

  7. >GautamiThanks for inviting me!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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