>it was never about you big tent poetry #6 anger


My uncontrollable urge to smack you

It has been replaced with pity

Now I understand what it is you do

May you move to Guatemala City

It has been replaced with pity

I remember your snarling face

May you move to Guatemala City

You are an inhuman disgrace

Remembering your snarling face

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night

Are you an inhuman disgrace

I break out in a sweat from the fright

Sometimes I don’t sleep at night

What was it you said to me

I am soaked in sweat from the fright

Your words were never easy to flee

What was that you said to me

Oh as always, something rude

Your words are never easy to flee

I find you to be very crude

Oh it’s always, something rude

But when I wake up missing

I know you to be very crude

It is never you I am kissing


42 responses to “>it was never about you big tent poetry #6 anger

  1. >I think thou dost protest too much! Very fun read on some VERY conflicted emotion!

  2. >Thanks and this is about my ex-boss.Who I do not miss at all.Pamela

  3. >I can certainly feel your anger toward your ex-boss. Good riddance! May your paths not cross again!http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2010/06/without-consequenceperson-of-my-bad.html

  4. >Mary amen to that! She is now the reason I am starting my own English school. The sign goes up today with my name on it!Pamela

  5. >Well something good has come out of this Pamela. Starting up on you own is a great idea…I am sure you are going to be a great success and the students will love you whch as we know is a great determinant for successful learning. Unfortunately most petty bureaucrats do not like to be' shown up'and it is in their interests to be surrounded by those who are as drab and as uninspiring as they are.It pleases me to seethat you have blood running through your veins and you are able to express anger instead of pussy footing around it.Positive vibes to you and practical advice if you wishon your new venture.

  6. >Thanks Rall and at first I was feeling hurt and used over the situation. But yesterday a had an appointment with a woman who has her own established kindergarten here in the city and she has formed a partnership with me. Today the sign goes up! I appreciate your positive encouragement!Pamela

  7. >Bravo on making a sour situation bright for both you and for others. You definitely have some conflicting emotions going on there, which makes for an even angrier sounding poem…almost demented, Pamela! A soul sister in anger! yay (I think). =)

  8. >I'm not sure the pantoum form has controlled your anger, Pamela?! Good luck with your new venture.

  9. >Linda thanks and this particular woman really did enrage me!She was extremely rude to me and also very jealous of my good relationships with my students at the company. Many of them are still very good friends whom I see on a regular basis.We could be soul sisters in anger! And this maybe a bit on the demented side. ;)Pamela

  10. >Well it certainly did help me vent some of it! Thanks so much for wishing me luck!Pamela

  11. >People can be such a disappointment but it sounds like you've rallied and will succeed big time! Wonderful!

  12. >SusanThanks and yes she was a huge disappointment for me but she really does not like anyone except for herself! And get this she is the human resource director! But now I have the perfect opportunity that I have always wanted.Pamela

  13. >That was awesome, Pamela. I laughed at the punch of the first line. Took it as an ex, but I could see that being a boss. I have a one of those that I feel that "passionate" about.I think you did wonderful with the restrictions of the form – it worked really well.- Dina

  14. >Thanks Dina and until just recently I have held some resentment towards her. She was real easy for me to vent on!Pamela

  15. >Hmmm. I ran into a woman just like that yesterday! She was very cold and rude to me. Hope I don't play golf with her again!http://troublebeingstrong.blogspot.com/2010/06/when-anger-erupts.html

  16. >Diane I hope for your sake you don't either! I have never met anyone quite like her and hope to never again! Pamela

  17. >Sometimes we have to get mad to get even.Best of luck with the school. I know how much you will learn from those kids.

  18. >Thanks Stan and that is oh so true!I have been teaching English for over 8 yearsnow here in Mexico and I have taught all levels from kinder to adults and my favourites are the little ones. I really appreciate our kind words!Pamela

  19. >i like the emotion you have portrayed in this pantoum.. it comes across very well… how exciting that something so awful turned out so good… there's nothing worse than taking something to bed only to awaken thinking abt the very same thing… it sounds like you have reached a resolution to this sleepless anger yes?… ah, the little ones are the best to teach still a keen sense of purity and light…

  20. >Pamela, a good pantoum. Good you've found a form to bring anger out of your system.

  21. >I never liked pantoum as a form until this moment; I think you do it real justice. I love the line, 'May you move to Guatemala City'. It sounds like an ancient curse.http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com

  22. >You've written a very direct endearing pantoum and it made me smile even if it's anger you're feeling. Nicely done Pamela.-Irene

  23. >oh, fantastic Pam!this had me smiling because I know exactly how you feel. (why is it that these emotions get stirred up in schools, I wonder??)and congrats again; how exciting!!

  24. >Pamela, I love your pantoum, and can understand that kind of anger and resentment toward someone…get them to Guatemala City, indeed!

  25. >The repetition of a pantoum works perfectly here. How angry thoughts go through our mind over and over again. Great use of the pantoum's structure!

  26. >one more believer thanks for saying such a nice thing!And yes the little ones are still pure and can be such a delight.Pamela

  27. >Umayes I did and thanks for stopping by.Pamela

  28. >TillybudIt is kind of my curse to her ;)Thanks for the nice compliment and it is my first time writing this form.Pamela

  29. >IreneThanks and I really enjoyed your poem for this prompt!Pamela

  30. >AngieThanks again and this actually happened in an American company. I was at for 2 years and in that time they changed bosses for the witch. As we all called her. La bruja!Pamela

  31. >Well Brenda I will hopefully never cross her path again. Thanks and I loved yours as well.Pamela

  32. >MarieThanks and I did enjoy venting through my poetry. This form is interesting.Pamela

  33. >The anger and disgust with your ex-boss definitely comes through here, and yet it is also a FUN read. I enjoyed it!

  34. >Haven't been by your page in a while. Looks like you have been busy with pantoums. It's an interesting way to channel anger. I'll have to try it.

  35. >ErinThanks so much for such a nice comment!Pamela

  36. >EvelynMy goodness it is really you! I haven't heard from you in forever! Thanks.Pamela

  37. >Did you work for SB at KBS in SJ,NB? Sounds just like my ex boss! I wish I could mail her your words; so much better than wanting to smack her!

  38. >MaxieMaybe she worked there too ;)She was just an awful person a real sour puss!Pamela

  39. >Best of luck on your new venture, Pamela, and I hope your nemesis moves to Guatemala City! Specific details like "Guatemala City" were terrific. Congrats on your first pantoum!!

  40. >DebI would like to think I could curse her there! But oh well then you never know.Thanks for the wish of luck! And for the first time using this form it was fun!Pamela

  41. >Nicelt done. I like the pantoum as a rhyming poem. I alos like the specificity of Guatamala City; it fires the imagination.

  42. >Thanks for stopping by JamesAnd thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

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