>heart of a prisoner osi #120 oubliette



dark lanes lead to me

unlit halls hark back

musty stone walls

line my heart

torture me

fortifications preserved

in a forgotten place

oubliette free me


13 responses to “>heart of a prisoner osi #120 oubliette

  1. >A great sense of desolation in this.

  2. >Having written this, haven't you already freed yourself.. creative spirits are like thoughts.. who can hold them…

  3. >Thanks Ramesh I suppose you are right!Pamela

  4. >"Musty stone walls line my heart"…wow, that was powerful. Great poem!

  5. >Thanks Sweetest!Pamela

  6. >Nah…no stone in that heart!

  7. >Rall I know but it's poetry…Kind of sounds good though! ;)Pamela

  8. >Powerful words. Tells a tale.A great poem.

  9. >Thanks Harshad and thanks for stopping by!Pamela

  10. >Ah, nicely said – the prompt does lead one to darker spots whether or not they exist!

  11. >Thanks Susan!It did take me to a dark place!Pamela

  12. >Find that opening and get the hell outta there!- Dina

  13. >I think I found it!Thanks for commenting!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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