>"alone" carry on tuesday #57


This week our prompt is the title and opening line of a William Butler Yeats’s poem
“When you are old and grey and full of sleep”
will I leave you to die in an armchair
without love
flesh falling from your bones
will I let your bones crumble
and blow away
trying not to catch them
stand and watch without
Would I do that to you?

8 responses to “>"alone" carry on tuesday #57

  1. >Julie you are absolutely correct!I found to be a very strange opening to spring off from. I just went in a strange direction.Pamela

  2. >"flesh falling from your boneswill I let your bones crumbleand blow away"Such strong, well-written images, Pamela.- Dina

  3. >No, I bet you wouldn't because you are brave enough to think about it but there are millions that would and millions that do. Nice work. your words poke the mind and wake it up. Please yell them from the highest tower.

  4. >Dina thanks and I enjoyed your love poem to yourhusband!Pamela

  5. >gs battyyou are right I never would even consider doing something like thatBut there are many people who do!Pamela

  6. >You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

  7. >Absolutely not Stan!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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