>abuse we write poems #6 contempt

>Dan Rako wanted us to write about something or someone we may hold in contempt.
For me people that abuse other people or any living creature are the ones I hold contempt for in my heart.
I do at some level have pity on them but I do not condone
their behavior . . .

beat, shoot, stab







with animals

at home

28 responses to “>abuse we write poems #6 contempt

  1. >Pamela, This is powerful with very few words. Good that you can pity them, it's hard to find that.

  2. >WOW! Very powerful piece, Pamela … and a sobering connection amongst those monsters.

  3. >Felt like it was punching at me as I read it. Really strong, with nothing to get in the way.- Dina

  4. >Brenda thanks. You have to have pity on someone who never had a chance.I think many people will misinterpret this as empathy but that is not what I am saying here. I am simply saying is that this is where it starts it is a well known-proven fact.Pamela

  5. >Indeed Marianne! Thanks!Pamela

  6. >Thanks Dina that was the effect i wanted!Pamela

  7. >MarieMe too as I wrote it! Pamela

  8. >Pamela,This is so true and the succinct quality of the poem hammered the point.

  9. >Yes! The names stand apart from the rest of humanity. There are no excuses, they knew what they were doing.Marian

  10. >Oh, Pam, this is so very strong. Few words, but oh so right on target! I do think that parents have to take special care with children to have them treat animals with respect. And if a young person is mean to animals, watch out! (You mention Dahmer…he's from my 'neck of the woods.' He was eventually killed in prison by other prisoners who couldn't even stand the likes of such a person.)

  11. >Linda Thanks for taking notice!Pamela

  12. >MarianThey certainly did in their sick and demented minds!Pamela

  13. >Mary is has been documented that each of this people tortured or killed animals while they were quite young. Some of it I believe is environment and yes I remember reading about that. And thanks!Pamela

  14. >Well done. The sparse language carries a ton of freight. Salute.

  15. >Thanks RonCheers to youPamela

  16. >I think it is a gift to write a strong poem with few words. You managed it.

  17. >Thanks Diane!Pamela

  18. >I'm currently fostering a three-legged pit bull. The amputation was necessary because his owner beat him with a bat after he lost his first fight.Great work.

  19. >Oh Dan that is so sad! But I am so happy you are taking care of the dog!I am amazed sometimes at the extent of cruelty that is in the hearts of people. And thank you for a thought provoking prompt!

  20. >Stark and powerful – straight to the point.

  21. >Thanks Stan that was my intention!Pamela

  22. >well said. terse

  23. >Thanks Barb need I say more.Pamela

  24. >I try to give most people the benefit of the doubt, but anyone who'd harm a defenseless animal is beyond contempt. And you're right, that's a good indicator of a serious personality disorder.

  25. >Francis I am with you on that. This something that has been proven.Pamela

  26. >That last line – "at home" – gives me chills. Concise and powerful!

  27. >Thanks Mr Walker seems to have done that to many people!Pamela

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