>Uno Fortunato I am Casanova POW #7 language sprinkle series–Italian


Fellini’s ‘Casanova’
(Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet)

In a white uniform and blue vested

Shouldered knots of silver and gold

Riflettere in your boudoir does unfold

Adjacent to a bedroom you requested

Uncorrupted heart of mine attested

Coltivare pleasures to be foretold

Sentendo of my charm-behold

As I stare at my beauty divested

I am pleased as I look upon

Your delightful female form

Conquistare I do dare desire

Mutual consent you urge on

Amante I am loved. Conform

This our time together acquire

Italian translations:

uno fortunato – fortunate one
riflettere – reflecting
coltivare – cultivating
sentendo – to hear, sense, taste or feel
conquistare – conquer
amante – lover


18 responses to “>Uno Fortunato I am Casanova POW #7 language sprinkle series–Italian

  1. >Great images, seasoned with Italian passion.

  2. >As if the Italian words weren't enough…an Italian sonnet.I'm impressed

  3. >Pamela, I actually thought of setting the Italian sonnet to go with this.You have done a great job. Not easy I know.I have only done one.I have difficulty using rhyme,which is why I am going to set more form exercises in the future. Well done Pam.

  4. >I've never tried a sonnet, Pamela … this is molto buono! And what a good idea to use Casanova!

  5. >Although I love sonnets, I have not yet managed to complete one in any of the variations! Well done, Pamela.

  6. >Stan it was the passion of Casanova that inspired me! Thanks.Pamela

  7. >BarbThanks for the compliment!Pamela

  8. >RallThanks and yes this was not that easy following the guidelines and throwing in another languageso that it all makes so kind of sense.I also have difficulty with rhyming poetry but I enjoyed doing it!Pamela

  9. >Grazie Marianne! This was not a simple task.Pamela

  10. >DerrickThanks and you should try it.It is not easy but it is enjoyable!Pamela

  11. >wow — fantastic! sonnets are so difficult just in one language and you did two seamlessly! nice.

  12. >Thanks Angie this was difficult incorporating another language with a form I have never written before!Pamela

  13. >I've shied away from sonnets too… you did a great job with this one.

  14. >Francis thanks and it wasn't easy believe me!Pamela

  15. >You and I — we think too much alike, Pamela. First we find the same darn clock and then we write sonnets — Italian no less. Bravo to you! What passion! I don't like to rhyme, and the meter drives me buggy — but, it's good to know a form, I think, so that you can draw from that experience. All writing genres have their "formats," and poetry beats the band on the sheer number of learning experiences.

  16. >Linda it is kind of spooky that we seem to be on the same wave length in cyberspace! And I agree using form it helpful with my writing and thanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  17. >Wow, sounds like things are heating up in Puebla, this really sizzles. Sonnets weren't the first thing I would have thought of with this prompt (since sprinkling in a unknown language seemed difficult enough for me) but this is so nicely done!

  18. >JDI don't think things are quite that here ;)I figured I would go the extra mile here and my I was pushing the envelope so to speak! Have you checked Rall's prompt for next week? Now we're talking! Thanks for commenting!Pamela

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