>imagine this big tent poetry #7 wordle


Don’t resent me I praise you

left hungry in a dangerous

dark part of the city

diseased chest cavities

cough releasing filth

Don’t resent me I praise you

pieces of falling stars

from a milky sky

comfort is an alley

memory is dull

you keep saying

Don’t resent me because I praise you


32 responses to “>imagine this big tent poetry #7 wordle

  1. >A dark, painful and difficult topic – and great use of the wordle words.

  2. >Wow, you took a common (I think) topic and gave it substance and form. Painful and lovely, all at once.Thank you, Pamela! Read my Big Red Tent Wordle Poem here.

  3. >OK, resent me because I am praising you. This is a good poem!

  4. >Powerful response, Pamela. comfort is an alley.So much I like about this. thanks

  5. >Agreed with Julie…painful and beautiful at the same time. This, oddly enough, conjured up 19th century London for me…homeless women and children…TB-infected all around…dark alleys where the forgotten can be found Very heartbreaking. Or then again, this could be 21st century America.-Nicole

  6. >Thanks BrendaC!I enjoyed yours also!Pamela

  7. >Julie thanks and it is good to see you back writing!Pamela

  8. >Thanks Rall I appreciate that ;)Pamela

  9. >BrendawThanks for saying so!Seems most went dark on this one!Pamela

  10. >Nicole interesting that you would mention 19th century London! I can see the connection. I was thinking more of 21st century America. Thanks!Pamela

  11. >oh , this is a heavy one. wow!funny how everyone seems to be writing dark poems with this one; I think alexie's emotion carried through his words.nice work, Pamela!

  12. >I think that might be so AngieThanks!Pamela

  13. >Great work! Thanks for sharing!-Weasel

  14. >Thanks Weasel!Pamela

  15. >the line in this i keep coming back to is "you keep saying." as simple as it is, it adds another dimension to this!

  16. >Carolee thanks!I enjoy these wordle prompts I certainly enjoyed yours as well!

  17. >comfort is an alleyA profound phrase which conjures up a plethora of images – there's a sense of past, present and future in this. Very nice.

  18. >SusanThanks for the nice comment!Pamela

  19. >Really, really striking – I loved effects of the lack of punctuation, the punchy lines, and above all the second occurrence of the repeated line – I find myself extremely impressed.

  20. >wtaThanks for a very nice and thoughtful comment!Pamela

  21. >This is good, Pamela! And I love how differently each one of us has interpreted the wordle words.

  22. >Thanks Marianne! And we all do interpret it differently!Pamela

  23. >You really did those words proud with this post!

  24. >The tone is relentless, given the repetition, which works so very well.

  25. >So disturbingly sad, and beautifully written.

  26. >Stans thanks for that!Pamela

  27. >Deb I love wordles!Thanks!Pamela

  28. >Thank you Cynthia!Pamela

  29. >This left me wanting to know more of the back-story. Well done.

  30. >Thanks Francis!Pamela

I appreciate all comments.

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